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Silver Baron
10-24-05, 11:07 PM
I keep reading about the confusion some members, including yours truly, had to figure out the Driver 1 / Driver 2 settings.
After a while, however, I came to appreciate the opportunities these two distinct settings present.
For example, lets assume you are the only drive, no spouse or any other driver with his/her own settings.
Ever noticed our radio has only about 12 FM presets that can be programmed?
Now, proceed to program your Driver 2 settings all identical except FM stations. Here, you chose new ones, e.g. Driver 1 from 87 to 97 Driver 2 from 97 to 107. By simply switching from Driver 1 to Driver 2 you double your presets. I assume you already know that you can double radio presets or soundsettings with the “Home” feature, right? In total that gives you 48 FM presets, enough for even the most congested radio spectrum.
But why stop here? How about your temp settings. Have “Cold Day setting” on Driver 1 another on Drive 2.
Want two easy to switch seat settings? "Relaxed Road" on Driver 1, "Track" settings on Driver2.
Locking functions?
You get the point.
By programming the custom start-up screen, you can even give the two settings their own unique name.
Have fun experimenting. :cool2:

10-25-05, 04:16 AM
Wow, I've had my V since March and still haven't looked into these settings! Time to break out the manual tomorrow...

Oregon Stealth
10-25-05, 12:39 PM
I'm one of those that reads every page of the manual and loves to play with all the toys/options, so I considered myself pretty familiar with the options for driver position, but never thought of that! :bang2: Thanks, time to go play with the car again!