: Driver 1/Driver 2/seat movement

10-24-05, 09:03 PM
Hey guys-

How does the car change between Driver 1/Driver 2 besides hitting the switch on the door? It seems like the car is switching back and forth between driver 1/2 on its own every time I get in the car?

For example, sometimes when I hit the keyless entry to unlock the door and hop in, the seat is all the way back for me to enter. Then I have to hit the Driver 1 button on the door to get the seat to move up so I can reach the darn pedals. Then sometimes I get into the car and the seat is right where I left it, but the car is not in driver 1 mode, and since I'm the only person who drives the car, how is it getting OUT of driver 1 mode?

10-24-05, 09:06 PM
It depends on which key FOB you are using. Look on the back of them, they are marked 1 and 2. Also you can set up your seat to move back on exit and back into position when you put the key in the ignition. The settings are under the personalization menu.

10-24-05, 09:07 PM
the way it shoudl work is the following:

When you press the remote coresponding to the driver number (there is a embossed number on the back of the remote -1 or 2 indicating the driver number) it should automatically swtich to the correct driver...

2 things on your situation:

1. Do you have personalization on? If not, when you press the remote it will not go to the right driver number. Does your radio display the driver number/ name when you start up?
2. Do you have auto exit on? This will move the seat back when you get it... I dont think this is the case since you manually have to hit the driver 1 on the door to get the seat to move (just giving you options)

Hope this helps


10-24-05, 09:14 PM
Holy crap guys! I just hit the enter key on this thread and I'm getting 2 responses already! Thanks!

Well, that would solve part of the problem as I look in my pocket, I have the "2" remote with the "1" remote at home, and my settings set on "Driver 1." So I'm probably confusing the hell out of my poor V. I didn't even know there were different remotes depending on the driver.

I like the sound of that auto exit option. Is that in the personalization menu? How do I access the auto exit option? Does the seat have to go ALL THE WAY back on the auto exit option or can you set it just to go back a few inches?

As far as personaization being on- I don't know. I assume that's a menu on the NAV screen that I'll have to look for and check out. I thought I did put some settings in there, but I could be wrong.

Thanks guys!

B Hoth
10-24-05, 09:16 PM
I had this happen when I first bought my car. What happened you just got the info on, I kept picking up key fob #1 then #2. If its happening using the same fob reset the settings under 1 and then 2 if say your wife like mine drives it now and then. If it still does this then you may have a bad window switch or faulty key fob which they can reprogram. A temporaty fix would be set both settings to the same positions. Check your owners manual for the details as it explains the settings their if you have forgotten. These have not been a problem as far as I know.

10-24-05, 10:15 PM
see Reed's answer.