: New Guy with Coupe DeVille

10-24-05, 10:04 AM
HI! I neeeeeed this website to fit my 1960 Coupe DeVille! I need 2 things for this motor I'm restoring... I will even put up pics and everything... it's a 390 ci bored 40 over currently but going another 10 over fairly soon... the car is near mint in it's condition... I can be reached at malem2us@comcast.net.... Who has a flex plate laying around from 40 years ago?

10-24-05, 01:51 PM
Welcome to the forums.

10-24-05, 08:48 PM
:welcome: to the forums. Search out ApeMan, he might be able to help you.

10-25-05, 08:56 AM
:welcome: to the forums.

terrible one
10-25-05, 05:15 PM
Welcome to the forums! Sounds like a cool caddy. I'll check around to see if I can find someone with a flexplate that will fit your 390.

10-26-05, 08:48 AM
welcome aboard