: Cts-v Answers From Dealers

10-22-05, 05:21 PM
As many of you know, I dropped off my car to the dealer earlier to try and get my problems fixed...and as we can expect...many things were not done.
Here are some answers...am i ever going to get my things fixed?
1) We all have the clunk-clunk noise. Dealer said completely normal and cannot do anything about it. Did anyone else get their problems fixed? People have been complaining of whining noises and weird noises and ending up getting new differentials...whats up with that?
2) Wheel Hop. They have the bushings, but he also said the ride becomes really stiff. I know lots of people like that...but it is a luxury sports car. Figured i'd do it next time after seeing if people really noticed their ride becoming stiffer.
3) Damn shifting! I can't get into first ever! I know some other people have had this problem and to fix it...read on. Too bad I found this out later...now I will have to go to the dealer again! Problem is, I have the same problem going from 3rd to 4th, unless I shift and close to 5000 RPM. Anyone else get this problem?
4) Weird thumps from inside my car. Going from 1st to second, I get this weird thumping noise inside my car...like everything is going to come apart and break! Anyone else get this?

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the
> symptom(s) described in this PI.
> Condition/Concern:
> Intermittent block out of first gear at a stop. Driver may have the
> vehicle in neutral while stopped in traffic and when depressing the
> clutch pedal to engage first gear, the shift is blocked.
> Recommendation/Instructions:
> If this condition occurs less than 5 percent of the time, it would be
> considered normal. This condition occurring more than 5 percent of the
> time should be repaired. A clutching tooth improvement has been made to
> the first speed gear. Replace the first speed gear in the transmission.
> Check the gap between the vertical faces of the blocking ring teeth and
> the speed gear as per Document ID # 588712.

They did fix my other things though. Had low coolant level..they installed a new sensor. Oil temprature was going to 300+ and they fixed that...which also got rid of my marble engine noise when taking off. Also updated my rough idle...which didn't get rid of it the roughness, but at least made it continous rather than choking!

I love the car...just hate the problems. Anyone got any solutions to how to handle the dealer and get these issues fixed?

Dave's V
10-23-05, 01:31 AM
Unfortunately, the LS6 doesn't idle smoothly. That is a disadvantage with this motor. You'll know when you have rear end noise. 40-48 MPH in 4-6 gears. If you can hear it above your radio it might be time to order a new rear dif. No difference with the ride since the bushings are installed. Clunking noise between shifts is normal if it is coming from the flywheel area. If it is coming from the rear, that is not normal. Again you'll know if one of the rear dif bolts worked itself loose. Every car out there has their "problems" or unique chartacteristics. Some people that buy a Vette actually complain about engine noise or the ride. If people buy the V and expect it to ride like the previous generation Caddies they will think it is a unrefined and cheap vehicle. However, I would bet most of us wouldn't own a Caddy if the V series didn't come out.

10-23-05, 01:45 AM
If the clunking seems to be worse then you probably need a new diff bushing. The rear diff clunks very easily in my V because the bushing is shot. When I first had the new bushing installed the car was much better but now after 20,000 miles it needs to be replaced again.

The next time you bring the V in tell them it has excessive clunking and that it needs a new bushing. The bushing part number was listed on this forum over a year ago.