: CTS-V Series Production Numbers? - HELP!

10-22-05, 09:35 AM
My personal ride is a 2005 Red Line CTS-V with the platinum gray leather interior. As I understand it Red Line Metallic is now discountinued as a color option for 2006.
Red Line was only available as an exterior V color for 2005.
In addition; the platinum (light gray) leather interior was a mid-late year "short run" introduction in 2005 and less than 100 2005 units were built with this Red Line Metallic exterior and platinum gray leather interior configuration in model year 2005.
Does anyone have any "REAL IDEA OR DATA" as to how we can run down the following data:

How many 2004 CTSV units were produced?

Once that "real number" is determined; what is the break down by color and interior combinations? (for example: 1100 Raven Black Units with 650 black interiors and 550 shale leather neutral interiors).

How many total 2005 CTSV units were produced that year?

Once that "real production number" is determined" what are the various number of exterior and interior color combinations given that there were 3 exterior color choices for 2005.

3 exterior colors for 2005 were Raven Black, Platinum Silver and Red Line Metallic.

3 interior colors were available in 2005: Black, Shale Neutral and Platinum Gray Leather.

I have "heard" that less than 100 2005 V units were built in 2005 with the Platinum Gray Leather interior making it somewhat more "rare" as an interior color as it was not introduced until late in the 2'rd quarter of 2005; around April, May & June build dates and by July 2006, LS2 units were in production and Red Line as an exterior color had been discountinued as an exterior color.
I really think it would be important for any Formal CTSV Registry to have real and factual production numbers with regard to the number of V units that were built in 2004 and 2005 as well as the respective color combinations for the respective years.
C'mon LS6 owners.....we all share a common bond that we own the very last of GM's production with this very unique and proven Generation 3 LS6 motor.
No matter what the future holds with the LS2 or LS7 or whatever comes in the future; there will never be another LS6 ever!
One of the trade magazines that we recieve has "predicted" that the 2004/2005 CTS-V will be a "future collectible" due in fact to the LS6 Engine.
Whether that proves to be true or not; I for one will always keep my 2005 LS6 regardless of what other higher performance V unit I might purchase down the road.
If anyone has an idea on how to gather this production data, it would be much appreciated.
best regards - Pete Raimondi

10-22-05, 11:21 AM
This is from a previous thread regarding total V production:

2004 - 2,401 units
2005 - 4,194 units


10-22-05, 11:31 AM
Thanks for the above information. What I would like to do however is "source" that information. In other words; is that data provided by Cadillac Motor Division and if so what department? Any formal registry should have a bibliography that "authenticates" the source of the information so that the numbers above are irrefutable.

But thank you for getting the process started.

Next aside from authenticating the source of the above numbers would be the interior and exterior color combo's that were produced in 2004 and 2005 should the above numbers be correct.

Thanks so much again for getting the ball rolling!

regards - Pete

Oregon Stealth
10-22-05, 12:56 PM
I'm not sure where you got the info that the Light Gray interior was only produced during Q2 of 05, but I have an 05 with Stealth Gray exterior and Light Gray interior that I purchased in Nov of 04.

10-22-05, 04:46 PM
I'm not sure where you got the info that the Light Gray interior was only produced during Q2 of 05, but I have an 05 with Stealth Gray exterior and Light Gray interior that I purchased in Nov of 04.

That is exactly my point. There is too much information floating around the internet and user forums that lacks authenticity with regard to total number of units produced in 2004 and model year 2005 and nothing in regard to color combinations.

Secondly, there is no information that I am aware of from any "reliable authentic" source that stipulates what exterior and interior color combinations "left the factory" during those two model years of 2004 and 2005.

If I'm not mistaken: CTSV Model year 2004 had only 2 exterior color choices:

Raven Black
Light Platinum (Silver).
Model year 2004 had two interior leather color selections:

Light Neutral (Shale beige)
Ebony Black Leather.Is that correct? And if so; how can we source the number of units of each by interior and exterior color combinations?

CTSV Model year 2005 featured 4 exterior colors choices:

Raven Black
Light Platinum (Silver).
Stealth Gray
Red Line Metallic (a mid year introduction and a $1000 premium charge for this 3 stage paint job). Now discontinued for 2006.Model year 2005 for the CTS-V had 3 interior leather color choices compared to only 2 in year 2004:

Ebony Black
Light Neutral ( Shale beige )
Light Gray ( Light Platinum introduced in mid-late year for the 2005 CTS-V).My understanding or at least for better or worse; "is what I have read" via the internet is that very few units in 2005 had the Light Gray Leather interior.

And if that is true; how many units in 2005 were produced with this added 3'rd interior gray color that was not available in 2004 and with what color of exterior paint?

Very simply; "as an example": Here is what I am looking for from a factual source for a CTSV Registry:

Again: this is an example of the information that I am looking for: It is an example!!

2004 Model Year CTSV: Total production units: 1500

950 Raven Black Units: 700 Ebony interiors and 250 Neutral interiors.

550 Light Platinum Units: 300 Ebony interiors and 250 Neutral interiors.

2005 Model Year CTSV: Total production units: 4000

2000 Raven Black units and the respective number of interior colors (for example 1300 ebony interiors and 700 neutral interiors).

1000 Light Platinum units and the respective number of interior colors (ex: 600 ebony units and 400 neutral interiors).

800 Stealth Gray Units and the respective number of interior colors (ex: 300 ebony interiors, 200 neutral interiors and 300 gray interiors).

200 Red-Line Metallic Units and the respective number of interior colors. (for example: 125 neutral interiors, 50 ebony interiors and 25 Gray interiors).We are early enough and have such few units that were produced that someone should have some idea of how we can source this data to have a "factual CTSV Production Registry" by model year and color combination. It may prove later that some units are more "rare" than others if you subscribe to the color wheel philosophy.

My car was selected from the Dealers available inventory as I'm sure most were. ( My dealer had 3 CTSV's at the time and the one I selected was Red Line metallic with the Platinum Gray leather interior).

So what does that mean? Are all of the CTSV's dealer allocation based on dealer pre-order or are there any COPO ( central office production order) units lurking out there with odd-ball exterior & interior color combo's?

That would of course mean that someone would to have "factory ordered" a CTSV and was that even possible??

I have a friend who COPO'd a Chrysler 300 Hemi AWD last December 2004 from one of our local dealers with every option available that will be restyled. It is scheduled to arrive 10/31/05 which has been a 10 month wait! Ferrari can coach build a damn car faster than that!

Oregon Stealth
10-22-05, 08:52 PM
Just an FYI with a little more info, the Stealth Gray is also a metallic with 3 stage paint process and comes with the $1000 premium charge as well. At least mine did. All this has got me curious about details and I'm trying desperately to remember just where I put that window sticker.

10-23-05, 03:34 PM
Just an FYI with a little more info, the Stealth Gray is also a metallic with 3 stage paint process and comes with the $1000 premium charge as well. At least mine did. All this has got me curious about details and I'm trying desperately to remember just where I put that window sticker.

Oregon Stealth:
You may want to go back and check your MSRP or the RPO build sheet. Stealth Gray was not a "premium color" that carried the $995.00 upcharge for CTSV model year 2005. Stealth Gray was introduced for model year 2005 for both the 6 cylinder CTS and the CTSV with no paint surcharge. It continues to be offered as a standard paint selection for both the CTS and the CTSV for model year 2006.

There were only two 3 stage PPG metallic paint colors that ever carried the $995 surcharge with regard to the CTS and the CTSV:

White Diamond which was and is still available only on the 2.8, 3.2 and 3.6 CTS. It has never available on the CTS-V. $995 premium surcharge

Red-Line Metallic which was available on the standard 6 cylinder CTS and the CTSV 5.7 for model year 2005. This also carried a $995 premium surcharge. Red-Line has since been discontinued and replaced with a much darker red color for 2006 referred to as Infrared with a $995 premium upcharge on both the CTS and the CTS-V. White Diamond which is the only other 3 stage PPG paint color continues to only be available on the standard CTS with a $995 premium upcharge.

Exterior Paint for model year 2006 according to www.cadillac.com (http://www.cadillac.com)

2006 CTS-V

Raven Black - no upcharge
Light Platinum - no upcharge
Stealth Gray - no upcharge
Infrared - $995.00 premium for PPG 3 stage paintSeveral years ago at SEMA, Cadillac had an SRX and a CTS with a paint color that was referred to as Black Diamond. It was a PPG 3 stage premium metallic color that for whatever reason never made it to production as a premium paint color. It was highly reflective with the look of black chrome! It was not the current Raven Black color.

I'm not concerned about any registry information on the CTS given the number of units and wide variety of color combinations that have been available since it's introduction.

But with regard to the original 5.7 CTSV for years 2004 and 2005, it would just make sense to have some hard data with regard to total number of manufactured units and the various exterior and interior color combo's for those respective years for a complete and accurate CTS-V Registry.

Can anyone help on how to source this data in an accurate manner??

10-23-05, 07:50 PM
I've tried.. and I will try again...


Donald C. Noll
10-23-05, 09:20 PM
I am new to the forum and was reading about the CTS-V registry / production numbers. I special ordered a Cadillac CTS-VR from my dealer. The unit is Black Raven / Ebony, LS6 with 475 HP, optional performance suspension (shocks, sway bars, drilled rotors, bushings other suspension components) and there is a plate affixed to the front right side radiator support next to an aluminum "GM Performance Division" plate which says CSV No. CTS-VR 221. My letter from Cadillac about my order has this number on as well. I hope this information helps the registry. Best regards

10-23-05, 09:27 PM
Welcome Donald!!!! I've never heard of a CTS-VR option. I assume it's a 2006, do you mind sharing the price. Any differences in looks etc...

Donald C. Noll
10-23-05, 09:44 PM
The car is a 2005 and I received it this past June. List price was about $61,000.00 and I paid $52,745.00. I also own an XLR and an Escalade, all 2005. I did not see any diferences in outside looks but underneath and inside there are differences. Besides the suspension notations,there is an oil cooler / pump for the rear differential. I had a spoiler installed on the rear and a Hurst shifter installed inside, I did not like the factory short throw unit.

10-23-05, 09:47 PM
Does it look like this?


10-23-05, 09:48 PM
I'd love to see pictures of the differences if you have some.

Donald C. Noll
10-23-05, 10:05 PM
The spoiler looks like the one pictured. I don't have any pictures of the differences but I will try to take some. Until I started reading the forum I thought my car was the same as all the other stock units. I do not drive it that much but I have not found any of the problems as decribed in some of the forums. I have had no "Clunking" noises, rear end noises, wheel hop, etc. I stand on it sometimes and it just goes. It handles like it runs on rails, I am really pleased with it. I collect cars and I really like this modern day car.

10-23-05, 11:39 PM


10-24-05, 07:24 AM
I've tried.. and I will try again...


Would really appreciate you help, input or direction. Remember that we are just trying to source the data for the LS6; model years 2004 and 2005.

GM must have this information somewhere. If I'm not mistaken during the heyday of the muscle car era; they would blackplate certain models like for example the 69 Camaro. The ID info would tell you how many total units, what colors, interior (houndstooth for example) and if the car came with the tic-toc gauge package, etc.

The same type of info for the 2004 and 2005 CTSV must exist also even if it is not "plated" on the car by the vin number or a black-plate. They must have "hard records" somewhere I would think.

It also sounds like the CTS-VR described above is a SpecterWerks "aftermarket" package that may have been installed by a joint association between Specter Werks and a local Cadillac Dealership. It does not sound at all like a COPO unit ordered by the selling dealer directly from Cadillac.

Jeff Nowicki the owner of Specter does do allot of exterior design work for GM and in fact is responsible for the design of the CTSV race car version that is run by GM Performance. The CTSV wheel well flare package that Specter sells on there website for $1500 is the exact wheel well flares that appear on the GM owned CTSV race cars that took 1'st, 2'nd and 3'rd. Specter also designed the hood with the heat extractors that is on the GM factory owned CTSV race cars as well, along with the rockers and side exhausts, etc.

Specter also does aftermarket performance modifications as well and I'm assuming that the vehicle described above is NOT a COPO type of order, but rather a dealer aftermarket package.

SpecterWerks is not a reseller, but rather a manufacturer of OEM components for GM's Cadillac division.

I have bought the Specter Werks hood and spoiler package and will tell you that it is worth twice the price in fit, finish and quality. First class product from a first class manufacturer.

I think that their wheel well flare package is a bit to "aggressive" in appearance for a "CTSV street vehicle", but looks fantastic on the Specter Werks designed CTSV race cars.

If I could only convince Jeff to modify that wheel well flare package by making it a bit smaller in scale and less labor intensive in installation; I believe that he would sell every damn set that he could manufacturer!

Are you listening Jeff?

How about 4 fiberglass/gelcoated CTSV wheel well flares that will bolt up to the OEM rockers and existing wheel wells without any extensive welding or sheet metal modifications?

If Specter Werks would only produce those 4 flares where all they had to be done on our end was priming, block-sanding and bolting up to the existing rockers and fenders/quarter panels; all that would be left would be blending the paint and clear coat and perhaps "frenching" the seams where the flares meet the existing edges of the fenders and quarter panels for a "seamless look".

Are you listening Jeff? - Group Buy??

best regards - Pete Raimondi