: News from armadillo land

10-22-05, 12:31 AM
Monday we held the annual Rotary Club golf scramble. As club president this year, the responsibility fell to me to coordinate the event, get the hole sponsors and teams lined up, negotiate to keep the costs down. In other words, beg.

We only grossed $8400 last year.

In 2000 we grossed $18,395. 2001 was $17,800. Every year there's been an excuse to quit trying.

2001 the tournament was held two weeks after 9/11. We quit asking for money because everyone was sending it to New York.

2002 we were at war in Afghanistan. There's no money out there. Sounds like a good enough excuse.

2003 we were at war in Iraq. No point in even trying.

2004 we were having an election year and the economy was in such terrible shape after two years of war. (of course these people ALL voted for Bush anyway)

The expectations got lower and lower and every year the proceeds dropped--$14,000, $10,000, $8,400. They were sure that the golf tournament was a loser. Nobody cares anymore. Nobody wants to play golf, nobody wants to donate, we need to find some other way to raise money.

2005 rolls around, and on August 30th I was asking for money and getting $1000 sponsors lined up. We had three of them at that point.

Then a damn hurricane hit New Orleans. I was sure our tournament was dead. Surely everyone would send their money to NOLA and wouldn't give us a dime of it. But I kept pushing.

Then ANOTHER damn hurricane hit. Surely there wouldn't be any money left for charitable causes. WE'RE SCREWED! But I kept pushing.

I grew up as a "child" of the Rotary Club. My father was president in 1971. I remember other fundraisers like turkey shoots and horse shows. I remember hosting exchange students from Chile, Japan, Australia and Sweeden. I remember Christmas parties that were the biggest social event of the season in our little town.

The club made a difference in the community. But the best thing about it was that EVERYONE contributed their time. It was just as much a social event as it was a community service project. We got things done for some people who really needed us.

The people who have been running the club lately are in there to make business contacts. Their companies pay the dues, and they get to eat lunch at a nice country club once a week. Occasionally we have a good speaker.

This year I vowed would be different.

We ended up with 5 "major" sponsors @ $1,000 each.

We ended up with 42 hole sponsors. That was a record. $8,400.

71 golfers committed, $6,250

I was initially told that we sold over $300 in mulligans, but was thinking $600. I found out today the official number was $905.

So we ended up at $20,555 which broke a six-year-old record by over $2,000.

Our beneficiaries are some high school students who will get scholarships of $1,000 to $2,500. We wait until after all the other scholarships have been awarded. Then we find the kids who really need it.

There's also a day care center for Alzheimer's patients. So many of our members are nearing "that age" and they're worried that they will end up as regular "clients" at the Center. So we make sure it's going to be a really nice place for them, just in case.

Then there's this place: http://www.biblical-museum.org/ It's completely non-denominational. The chairman is a fine man who is a member of our club. We surprised him with a contribution last week.

We sent some money to these folks, too. http://www.ryanshopeinc.org/

In past years we've sent $15,000 toward polio eradication and $25,000 to our library.

The town has grown from 2,000 residents when I was growing up to over 41,000. Shouldn't we be doing twenty times more today than we did in 1971?

Yeah, it's your typical white bread suburb. Yeah, they all vote republican. Yeah, they tend to exclude more than include. But when they're properly motivated they're capable of changing the world and doing a lot of good and helping those who really need it. I've never been more proud of a group of people, or more satisfied about work I put into something than I am tonight.

That's all the news from armadillo land. Thanks for reading it.


10-22-05, 12:41 AM
That was a great story. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to know that people can still find the kindness in there hearts. With everything that has been happening the big companies are donating millions of dollars to those natural disasters. It always important to remember even though there are natural disasters the smaller scale stuff still exist, needs funding, and should still hold great importance. I'm sure even though you may not get a direct thank you from all the contributions you helped raise your hard work payed off to make a difference.

10-22-05, 01:43 AM
Congratulations Elvis!! You deserve a round of applause. Through your dedication and perseverance a previous record was broken. Not to mention that your expectations were exceeded. A good example of how even though people tend to seem uninterested they may really be willing to support a noble cause. So have yourself a celebratory drink/cigar/?? and bask in this wonderful accomplishment.

10-22-05, 02:17 AM
Wonderul story Elvis! You kept on pushing, and it definitely paid off. Way to go!!! :thumbsup: :yup: :highfive:

DopeStar 156
10-22-05, 02:58 AM
Uggghhh..... I don't wanna read THAT!!! Too long..... Ok, sounds like you did something good, I'll read it I guess.....hang on a sec here.....

DopeStar 156
10-22-05, 03:01 AM
Wow yeah that's pretty commendable. Props dude, props.

10-22-05, 06:09 AM
Golf. It gets the donors out!

06-27-06, 02:31 PM
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I have an update:

In April we had yet another golf tournament. It surpassed the first one.

Fundraising efforts for the year:

October 2005 Golf Tournament (net): $14,466.84
April 2006 Golf Tournament (net): $14,714.27
Weekly raffle/card game: $ 900.00+

Total of fundraising efforts: $30,081.11

On top of that, we sent $4600 to Rotary International for projects in 3rd world nations such as Polio vaccines, clean drinking water systems, and literacy.

We also transferred a $6000 surplus from our general operating fund to our Foundation, which will give the money out in scholarships, etc.

Total funds transferred to charitable causes from 7/1/05 to 6/30/06 = $40,681.11

My term is over! They said we broke all the records. I got a real nice plaque and a pin with a big fake diamond in it. People stood up and clapped and said nice things. :bighead:

06-27-06, 02:39 PM
Congrats Elvis! Great job! HAHA your time is done :thumbsup: You did more than your fair share!

06-27-06, 04:57 PM
I'll gladly pay for time on the golf course...if there are armadillos that need to be eradicated! I'll even bring my own ammo!

06-27-06, 11:36 PM
My first set of books for college was paid for by the rotary club , which had given me a scholarship type thing in 1996 when i was student of the year at the Vo Ed center ...Coarse that was also the time that i had begun to realize i had a talent for working on engines (i was in a small engines program at the Vo Ed center)....

worked out well , if it wasnt for them i wouldnt have had the books becuse the VA was still processing my GI Bill ....

so yeah , there pretty cool ...

06-28-06, 09:17 AM
I just found out over the weekend that my wife's father (not the stepfather-in-law I've mentioned before) went to Europe as a Rotary Ambassadoral Scholar in 1955. That scholarship pays better than the Rhodes scholarship.