: 2005 CTS-V Black for sale

10-21-05, 12:36 PM
Is anyone interested in a Black 2005 CTS-V?
With 2 kids in college, 2 in a private High School , and business flat right now I need to make some changes. I really hate to do it, but I'm going to be selling the best car I ever owned. It has the Stealth V CAGS eliminator and the bushing TSB installed. Black/ black with sunroof and performance shock package. It was a strictly a recreational vehicle for me. I drive a company truck to work and have a minivan:annoyed: for hauling kids and groceries. It has 7500 miles on it. Stored last winter in a heated garage. It rarely even sees rain because I'd rather drive it than wash it. If anyone is interested let me know at gbathke@innovativemachining.com.

10-21-05, 12:46 PM
Sorry to hear you have to part with your V.

But that looks like a pretty cool business you got there. Since business is flat, think you could whip us up a beefy rear end?

10-21-05, 02:00 PM
all cars for sale must go in classifieds, thanks

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