: Quiet Escalade owners out there? Don't post much?

10-20-05, 03:47 PM
This forum has thousands of members! All of us here for one reason, a love of Cadillac (showthread.php?t=55317#). However, the Lounge isn't just a good old boys club. If you're a member who doesn't post often or much at all, I'd encourage you to join a discussion or two in the Lounge, or perhaps the Cadillac vs. forum, or even the kill stories forum. We're not some exclusive club with only 40 members, although there is a group of people who has a lot of fun in the Lounge. If you're a quiet member, I invite all you to open up a little more, come join us! We have a lot of fun around these forums. The model relative forums are great for advice when it comes to your vehicle (showthread.php?t=55317#), but there's a lot more to Cadillacforums.com than just the vehicles (showthread.php?t=55317#)! Come join us!