: Simple Question - Best wax for the V

10-19-05, 01:25 PM
Anyone have an opinion on the best wax for the V? I know the Platinum is so fast nothing stickys to it:histeric: but for the rest of the colors ?????

10-19-05, 01:45 PM
...opening can of worms......

Zaino, Adam's, Griot's....pick your poison. I use Zaino.


10-19-05, 02:20 PM
I've been real happy with Mother's FX

10-19-05, 02:23 PM
Same ol' can of worms. Use what you feel comfortable at the end of the day. I've found Mothers FX Engineered SynWax goes on & off easy (quick too), keeps most bugs from sticking to the nose & is reasonably priced. Use it on my V & wife's SRX. I'm very happy with the shine without spending hours polishing. But I'm just one opinion...


10-19-05, 02:34 PM
"simple question" :histeric:

I use Griot's with an orbital polisher. The majority of users will probably tell you Zaino.

10-19-05, 03:19 PM
Zaino but I would like to try Adams.

10-19-05, 03:39 PM
I am an Adam's Reseller.... email me if you would like more information.

My car and a few others with adams:



More pictures available here: http://http://toasthost.com/achtuning/gallery/Detailing

V Amazed
10-19-05, 03:41 PM
i love meguiars stuff. the new techwax is awsome.

clay bar
swirl mark remover (with buffer)
paint cleaner
sealant wax
tech wax (with buffer)
yellow wax (with buffer)

bam we're done


Harley Guy
10-19-05, 03:59 PM
Zaino's hands down. It is incredibly easy to use. Lasts longer and looks better than anything else I have ever tried. I have never had people ask what kind of wax before, but since using Zaino's products I have had a number of people ask when they see the car. It may cost just a little more and you can only get it direct from them, but it is the winner in my book. :worship:

10-19-05, 04:28 PM
I used the Adams system - wash, clay bar with detailing spray, polish and wax - worked and looks great. I am very happy with the products.


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10-19-05, 08:14 PM
brillo pad followed by johnson's floor wax.

10-19-05, 09:33 PM
I use Griot's Machine Polish 3 w. orbital buffer and then follow up with Mothers pure carnuba wax or the Griots Show wax - starting with clay bar of course. I am going to try the new Griots sealer stuff on my SUV before the winter hits - that one sees all the bad weather including mucho snow during ski season, it is supposed to last for 1 year. We'll see.


10-19-05, 10:33 PM
brillo pad followed by johnson's floor wax.

You sir are a bad, bad man. I just tried this on a inconspicuous spot in the middle of the hood and the results were less than ideal. Did I ever tell you about my clear bra install? :banghead:

10-19-05, 10:41 PM
Zaino on my Black Raven V, the water just blows off.

10-19-05, 11:03 PM
You sir are a bad, bad man. I just tried this on a inconspicuous spot in the middle of the hood and the results were less than ideal. Did I ever tell you about my clear bra install? :banghead:

too funny. I was thinking more along the lines of clay bar that has been dropped in gravel, then orbital waxer w/100 grit followed by liberal application of brake fluid. this will show off the true metal of your car.


10-20-05, 08:31 AM
Zaino for me - I've tried many over the years and like it the best.

10-20-05, 09:11 AM
I find that you just can't beat a old fashion spit shine. I can sell some if anyone needs any. I like Zaino the best!

10-20-05, 11:54 AM
I first use 3M Swirl Remover followed by 3M Hand Glaze and then finish off with Zaino. This gives you an incredible finish on black and great durability.