: For those that have had diff issues

10-19-05, 12:46 AM
Gents (and ladies?) a question:

The rear diff on my '04 has begun to groan on a regular basis. I haven't had any additives or anything else done to the rear diff to this point. Honestly, though, after seeing all the hell that everyone appears to go through with these things, is it honestly worth it to even take the car to the dealer? In other words, do I let sleeping dogs lie (or groan in this case)until the diff goes belly up, or do I push the matter? Did having the dealer open the diff and change the fluid or put in the anti-slip additive, or even changing the diff, really make a difference?

10-19-05, 12:52 AM
Just take it in to your Cadi service and tell them the rear diff is whining like a lil bitch. They will throw it up on the rack and the tech will verify it. If he agrees, then they replace it. Its that simple... Oops did I actually just say that dealing with Cadi service department is simple?? HAHAHAHA, wow I just told a lie. Now seriously, just take it in and let them deal with it.

10-19-05, 11:55 AM
I took mine in cos I had some clunking in the rear, whine and a sail panel was loose. They replaced the diff, fixed the sail panel and detailed my car for me, free of charge. Plus they gave me a Deville to drive for the week they had my car. Makes you really appreciate your V after driving your grandfather's Cadillac.