: Keeping a '97 NS running well

10-18-05, 10:53 PM
In 2001 I bought my first NorthStar, a '97 DeVille with 48K. Today I have just over 60K on the car. I change the oil and filter faithfully, as well as the air filter. I have not changed the fuel filter yet.
My question is: Are there any other filters I should be aware of, or any tune up/maintenance items I might be missing?
By the way, this is one helluva car, and has completely met my expectations!
Thanks to all,

10-18-05, 11:19 PM
Coolant is the biggie. If should have been changed in '02. Due again in '07. If it hasn't been done, do it now and don't forget the cooling system suppliment aka sealant tabs.

At 100k you may be due for a tune up (plugs and wires). I had to do mine earlier because of the fuel rail recall. Have you had that done?

Also at 100K I drained and refilled the trans fluid, though the manual says it should be good for the life of the car unless you use it in severe service (taxi, towing, dusty areas etc) but I do it at 100k regardless. DO NOT let anyone talk you into a flush.

I am selling my '97 Deville tomorrow with 107K and have never changed the fuel filter. Usually don't need to as the filling stations have filters on the pumps I believe. I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts running bad. Others may disagree. It certainly won't hurt. As our former Guru once said, "It's just along for the ride. Change it when and if it needs it".

10-19-05, 09:30 AM
A good test for the condition of your car is your performance. Is your gas mileage stable? Does it start easily?

10-20-05, 10:45 AM
Ranger, why are you opposed to a transmission flush compared to just draining it? Unnecessary expense?
(I did fuel rail recall.)

10-20-05, 12:46 PM
Ranger, why are you opposed to a transmission flush compared to just draining it? Unnecessary expense?
(I did fuel rail recall.)

When they do a transmission flush, they are pumping around potentially old fluid (from the last guy's car) in ways it would not normally be pumped around inside your transmission. That last guy who got his transmission flushed is likely to have done it because he had transmission problems or very old fluid, and may have had tons of crap accumulated in his transmission. The process could stir up all the crud that's settled at the bottom of the transmission pan as well, possibly including the metal shavings and clutch material that's accumulated on the pan magnet. Do you want all that stuff getting circulated through your transmission? While it sounds good that "more fluid gets replaced," what doesn't happen is a filter change, and stuff gets stirred up and agitated in ways that would normally not happen. Lots of transmissions have blown up not long after transmission flushes. DON'T DO IT. Just drain the fluid, clean the screens, and refill with fresh Dexron-III (or whatever is required for your particular car). DO NOT OVERFILL THE TRANSMISSION FLUID!!!

10-20-05, 01:30 PM
Remember when you drop the trans pan to drain the fluid and clean the pickup screens that there is a hidden drain plug for the oil in the side cover. It is located in the trans body under the lower pan towards the left side of the car under the trans side cover area. The trans stores oil in the side cover so you have to drain it when the lower pan is off to get the majority of the oil out.

Do not flush. Just drain the lower pan and side cover and clean the pickup screens. No filter to replace in normal service for the 4T80E.

10-20-05, 09:07 PM
No, money has nothing to do with it. To add to what Mcowden and Chevelle said, go to the top left of this page, click on Technical Archives and read up on trans flushing.