: Battery Dying

10-18-05, 08:51 PM
My battery is dying now after I put a new sunroof switch in it...I tried operating the sunroof with the switch off and got nothing....Could it still be drawing power and not open...Anyone got any suggestions?...I took the switch out and one line is getting power according to my test light....Is it supposed to do that or what?


10-19-05, 04:14 PM
I took it to the place that put the battery in and they said it showed an internal shortage in the battery...They replaced it and it seems fine now...Afraid to put the sunroof switch fuse back in because that is kind of a coincidence with it doing that not long after replacing the switch. Has anyone else had the same thing to show up on thier battery that needed to be replaced?

11-22-05, 01:13 AM
A month later and the battery is dead again....What is the deal?

11-22-05, 10:08 AM
Silly questions, what does your volt meter read when the engine is running and have you had the charging system checked?


11-27-05, 08:37 PM
A fully charged '12' vdc lead acid battery at 70 deg f should be 13.4 volts. when you load down the battery and draw current through it, the low internal resistance of the battery itself will cause the terminal voltage to go down to say 12.5 volts. So check your battery terminal voltage after the engine has been turned off for a while and it should be about 13 volts. What I found on my Catera was a poor positive post battery conection. It caused the 1st cell of the battery to overheat and boil dry. This causes a high resistance in the cell. When you charge it, it looks good, but when you load it down (starting current) the voltage is dropped internally within the battery itself.
More info in next reply.:bouncy:

11-27-05, 08:48 PM
So when you bring the other battery back on warranty, make real sure all the terminals on the new battery post connectors ( positive & negative ) are cleaned, the clamps inside surfaces are wire brushed and anti-oxide grease applied. When you have charged the battery up, load up the battery with lights, stereo wipers, fans and anything else you can run electrically. now measure from the actual battery post to the outer side of the connector. you shouldn't see more that a fraction of a volt difference. If you do then you have a bad connection at the connector.
The gauge on the dash max reading is 16 volts. Each long dash is one volt less. When you turn the ignition to the on position, but don't start the engine, it should read 13.5 volts. Running, the gauge may read as high as 14.5 v if your battery is depleated, to 13.5 fully charged.
When the weather improves, I'm going to check voltage drop across the post/connector joint and the electrical load ( current draw) of the battery when the car is sitting idle. i.e. off. :halo:

11-29-05, 07:31 PM
Well, if anyone still cares, I had the "Check engine" light active on the car but the ignition was turned off. I disconnected the negative post clamp and put my multi-meter in series with the load. The car was drawing 1 amp for about ten minutes then it dropped to only 30milliamps. Started the car (put a jumper cable across the ampmeter) and the "check engine" light came on again. Shut car off. removed jumper and the car was drawing one amp from the battery. I removed every fuse in the box to see if i could find which circuit was drawing the current and even disconnected the computer from the connector. Still 1amp/hr. drain. opened circuit for battery to car. This reset the "Check Engine" light. Current draw was now only about 30milliamps.
So the relay that locks in the CE light may be responsible for the exessive current draw. 1 amp per hour will kill a battery about 10 days. There may be other reasons for dead batteries with the Catera but this is what I observed.

12-04-05, 11:02 AM
take your caddy catera to autozone and test the alternator ive replaced 2 in my 98 with the exact same issues i got factory rebuilt from carquest for less than 200 dollars w lifetime replacement

12-15-05, 11:05 PM
Hi everyone. Hey caterakidd did autozone tell you to take the alternator off so it can be checked or can they check it while still in the car. Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

12-18-05, 09:32 AM
if your car runs take it there n they will check it they have a tester they will hook up n tell u if it iz chargn ur system good luck with that