: 94 STS Help! Cooling Fans Inop

10-18-05, 07:01 PM
Just finished installing a new radiator. Didn't have any issues until I stopped in traffic. Noticed the temps shooting past 235 with no cooling fan operation. Neither fan is working. A/C is on and operating, still no fans. Checked the fuse & fan connections, OK. I obviously screwed something up, but what? Any suggestions? :banghead: I'd MUCH rather get this fixed, but if it's something more serious, can I force them on temporarily?
Thanks in advance.

10-18-05, 07:28 PM
Have you checked the relay(s) yet? When I check them, I usually find one with the same part number and swap them. If the fan now works but the other system doesn't, you know you have a bad relay. If you have a 12VDC power source, you can probably test the relay yourself if there is no other relay with the same part number. Do the fans have separate ground wires that are properly connected?

10-18-05, 07:35 PM
I'll give the relay thing a try. Seems odd that they worked before, but now they're both dead. 2-pin sealed connectors on both fans with indexing locking features. Connections were clean. No separate grounds. Thanks for the reply!

10-19-05, 09:01 AM
You also might want to check your Maxi fuse, there is a 50amp one that controls the fan motors, it is located under the fuse box cover in the engine compartment.

10-20-05, 10:19 PM
:bang2: .... and the winner is .... 50 amp max fuse. Guess that's one more reason to buy a manual. Didn't even know that one was there. 'Course, there's a REASON the 50 amper is taking a hike. Fan makes an awful racket for about 3 seconds, then it's all over. So it looks like there's a new fan (or two) in my future. Thanks jjbuckley for the tip!

10-21-05, 08:43 AM
Yes that will do it every time... I have one of my fan motors burn up and that popped the maxifuse.

A mamual sounds like it is in your future.

Good luck and shop around for your fan motor, I was able to pick one up at a junk yard for mine.