: 2006 Platinum drop shipped to Lingenfelter for 700HP

10-17-05, 02:08 AM
Well, I have an addiction for power and my 2004 supercharged ESV was not enough, it had about 500HP. Spoke to the guys at Lingenfelter and they promised me they will deliver over 700HP and 740ft-lbs Can't wait. The best part, the wife does not even know he he he she would never let me do it, so I am dorp shipping it there...

10-17-05, 08:10 AM
Sounds great, what are they going to do about the trans? I have several customers with supercharged engines, they are all on their 2nd and 3rd transmissions. :(

10-17-05, 10:13 AM
Pics and specs when it all done please.

10-17-05, 10:14 AM
Sounds great, what are they going to do about the trans? I have several customers with supercharged engines, they are all on their 2nd and 3rd transmissions. :(

On this (http://www.lingenfelter.com/pack_suv_427h2.htm) package they have a HD trans rebuild for 3k.

10-17-05, 10:37 AM
Sure will do... I have had no problems with my trans at all. I have had the supercharger after 300 miles was on the car along with a complete exhaust system and brake system. I tow with the car and pull 2000lbs with it all the time. No issues so far. If you are gonna get on it which I do aaaaalllllllll the time, you should put it in the Trailering mode.

As for the Lingenfelter setup, they have some other upgrade that they are going to do the tranny. They will put in a 7.0L aluminum block with a twin turbo setup which will be nice becuase the supercharger is noisy, something I never liked.

Fast Eddie
10-17-05, 01:37 PM
They will have to replace the tranny w/ a built 4l80E. A 4l65 can only be fully race built to handle 600hp, and even then they usually fail- expecially under so much weight. I was pushing 600+ hp in my '03 avalanche with a built 4l60 (65 specs) and the tranny was crying after a few months. I've seen the TT EXT and it is bad!!!! Good luck sounds great...

10-17-05, 01:39 PM
Trailer mode just changes shift points and keeps the convertor from locking in and out, does not help with the fact that the trans used in the Esclalade's are the weak link. :(

10-17-05, 02:57 PM
I would love to see pics when done, could this be done to a 60k mi ext or is that too many miles?

10-17-05, 03:22 PM
HOLY CRAP!!!! A $57,000 upgrade? Wish I had that kind of money. Hell, I can barely afford the truck alone.

10-18-05, 10:57 AM

10-20-05, 01:58 AM
Well Gents, I am having major 2nd thoughts... Wonder if I did a spare of the moment move... I can get to about the same power level it seems with no more than $15K. Just by getting a long block built based on the same block with a stroker crank that makes it a 408 with with .030 over bore and other hardware to go along with it... what am I missing !?!?! I am starting to get feeling that I am paying for a brand name, might have to pull the plug on this on the exisitng path...


10-20-05, 02:00 AM
They will have to replace the tranny w/ a built 4l80E. A 4l65 can only be fully race built to handle 600hp, and even then they usually fail- expecially under so much weight. I was pushing 600+ hp in my '03 avalanche with a built 4l60 (65 specs) and the tranny was crying after a few months. I've seen the TT EXT and it is bad!!!! Good luck sounds great...

Can you please give me some more detail about the tranny? Actually a lot more detail :worship: Is what is on the ESV a 4|65? and what is a 4|80E

10-22-05, 09:02 AM
Must be nice to be able to hide 57K from the wife.

10-22-05, 11:28 AM
I have mastered it over the years.... the only way I could get my toys, just launder the moeny throught eh business.... I guess starting the business was driven by that motivation :-) to be able to get toys which she would never let me ...

10-22-05, 11:58 AM
57K for 700 hp? Ouch!
You can take that same motor, buy a better set of heads (or have yours ported), fool with the EFI and get 700 HP easy!
My race car has 1100 HP (no nitrous) and that motor was half that price.

10-22-05, 12:04 PM
Yes I know and I am seriously thinking about backing out of this deal... A guy is telling me he will make me a 408cuin long block and tune it with the existing tiny supercharger and get the same kind of power. I think they are asking more because of their name...

03-15-08, 10:44 PM

Well Project is finally done, after 7 months. I will post some pictures soon. Running the Whipple at 12 psi and 12deg of timing until the engine breaks in. Then will go up to 15 psi and 9deg. Will have Meth injection from Snow Perf. installed with an on-demand switch for days when its over 100deg which we get it socal in summer time.

The car hauls A** and the 4L80 is much much better. Had to go through two trannys and two Torque converters. The first tranny, I was chated and felt like a sucker. It was an old standard 4L80 sold to me by speed Engineering. He had sourced it form somwhere else. Cost me $5K, had about 200K miles on it and the wrong output shaft. The first torque converter from RPM Transmissions with 3 clutches, had too high of a stall, 2400. I hate stall converters. So had another one built with 1800 stall and 5 clutches I must admit, I like stock factory converters better, but they are not strong enoung.

The new 4L80 from RPM is MUCH MUCH better. I am happy with it now, but do miss the taller 4L65 4th gear. I may go down to 342 rear from 373s, just need to lower the RPM on the freeway. Turning 2500RPM at 75mph. Its about 500RPM higher than the 4L65.

The 4L80 needs more cooling than the 4L65, but the torque converter has a lot to do it. So two B&M external coolers are ordered. Still need to come up with a cold air intake and swap the battery location.

I must say Andy at A & A Corvette, is an amazing guy. This man knows what he is doing. He is not done until its done right.

I have not floored the car yet. But just getting on it softly here and there and while cruizing is more than even my Eibach suspension can handle. I thought I had enough suspension, but for this much power, I will need more, hope I can find something adjustable.

running 60lb injectors, and the oil presssure is 60psi. The Ron Davis Radiator with a 160 thermostat keeps things pretty cool for the motor which helps keep detonation at bay.

Gas mileage dropped from 14MPG to 10MPG. The motor is now 1000cc bigger, and the tranny has more parasitic loss (4L80) and the 3.3L whipple takes more HP than the 1.8L Magnuson.

By the way I will have the other torque converter for sale. LS7 to 4L80 $600, paid $1000, drove for 5 miles

Will update you with pictures....

Escalade ESV 2006 AWD
Built 4L80 conversion with Billet output shaft and shift kit - deep pan RPM Transmissions
Torque converter with 5 clutches - RPM transmission
upgraded HD AWD transfer case from SS4
Custom made drive shafts
427 cuin, Aluminum Block
8.5:1 ceramic coated pistons
60lb injectors
72cc AFR Heads
Lunati Crank
Eagle rods
6100 RPM shift Point
3.3L Whipple Supercharger with 10 rib pulley set 12psi - Max Limit 25psi
60lb injectors
Large Ron Davis Capacity Radiator
Large Capacity Intercooler from Ron Davis
long Headers - REMOVED --- went with shorties and kept stock Y tubes
High flow Cats - REMOVED
Corsa Touring Exhaust - REMOVED Way too loud. Stock exhaust is good enough
Brembo 8 Piston calipers Front & 4 piston Calipers Rear
Eibach Suspension all around 2/1 drop with HD stablizer bars
Widened rims (20x11) 325/50VR20 TOYOs

03-16-08, 05:29 AM
Sick engine u have there, dont mind me asking but what was total cost of all the work done?

03-16-08, 07:47 AM
7 months? it was 2.5 years between your posts. thanks for the update

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03-16-08, 11:29 AM
Yes I know it tool so long. But I ended up dropping the car off finally on July 14th. MAny problems on the way. Bad tranny, bad torque converter, bad Engine block.... all these cost time and money.

03-17-08, 07:53 AM
That is the cost for going fast, do you have any dyno results?

03-17-08, 06:47 PM
That is the cost for going fast, do you have any dyno results?

Not yet, do not have a 4 wheel dyno around.... Its fastre than hell though... Oh yah and the gas mileade, you do not want to know... I used to get 14mpg with the stock motor with the Radix (magnuson) and now if I get 10, I am very lucky on the freeway.

Well 1000cc more displacement, bigger tranny to turn and the massive 3.3L Whipple...

03-17-08, 06:59 PM
What area are you in?

03-17-08, 07:03 PM
In San Diego, CA

03-18-08, 08:15 AM
Not sure if these poeple are near you but they say their other location has an all wheel drive dyno, talk to guys with 4 wheel drive imports, they will know wher the 4 wheel dyno shops are. :)


04-13-08, 02:46 PM
Guys, here are som epics. Sorry the car was super dirty... Detailing tomorrow. Its not done yet, Methanol/Water injection is left and also some cleaning up id dtill left.

Finally got rid of the long intake... S&B box had to be heavily modified to fit, but now fits nicely. I have another one that I will exchange... will be able to do it better 2nd time around. Added the Catch CAN.


Apologize for the filth. Had just added transmission fluid...


BAttery and stuff moved to the left side....


S&B is erally a nice kit...



The freaking pulley flew off once. Lock tight was not enough, had it spot welded.


Sorry again about the mess, better pics in a couple of days.....


Running the Whipple at 13psi with 13 degrees of timing. Will go down to 7. Little bit at a time.


I ordered Black ones, but got Red, did not want to mess with them.


I was contemplating going to a 12 rib pulley but decided to settle on 10


AFR 225 with 72cc Chambers. 10cc over stock with 8.5:1 ceramic coated pistons. Leaves room to run up to 15 psi no problem. Will be adding a meth injection from Snow perfromance for full throttle and very hot days


This took a long time. The washer fulid reservoir and other stuff moved.


Here you see the pan of the 4L80. Nothing much more you could see.


The drive shafts for both front and rear are much beefier than stock and U joints are also very thick.


Installed two B&M tranny coolers. The damn thermo switch on them works real crappy, bypassed it. Have to figure something out here. any suggestions? Can I get a reading from the PCM and and trigger a relay with it or just leave it on the whole time?

Freaking 4L80 still gets hot. I am thinking of getting one of Oil Pans with tubes in them to flow air. anyone haveexperience with them?


04-13-08, 03:56 PM
That is not the stock exhaust is it?

04-13-08, 06:52 PM
It sure is. I had the Corsa on there for a while, too freakng loud. The truth is the stock Exhaust on this car is not bad at all. In fact its pretty good. Sure if you have a straight pipe you can do better, but the comfort factor is not there. One iimprovement which I will do later is to have the two pipes out of the muffler to come out seperately. Right now its a two into one at the end of the muffler.

04-14-08, 07:32 AM
The problem I found with the stock exhaust is at least on the standard Escalade the crush the tail pipe over the axle and that causes a restrictive flow, if they would not do this I would just cut the muffler out and put a better flowing muffler on. I have always put Corsa Touring on my long tube header cars/SUV, Sport is just too loud with long tube headers