: interpreting the voltmeter scale? >>> (image)

10-13-05, 09:47 AM
the user-manual says the voltmeter must read between 12 volts and 16 volts, but there is no scale.

my voltmeter seems to hover 1 hash-mark below the middle. is that 11 volts? should i be concerned?

is the middle hash-mark 12 volts? are the major hash-marks 1-volt increments?

a voltmeter w/o numbers is useless! the user manual should at least provide a legend for the scale.

10-13-05, 11:06 AM
No,I think middle line is 14 volts atleast thats what my digital mulitimeter says and talking about battery,has anyone replaced the AC Delco battery with any after market brands if yes what brand and model number i think i will need a new one this winter.