: 2000 n* into 1996

10-11-05, 02:06 AM
hello people looking for info on installing 2000 n* in 96 eldo. spec what connector's work for crank senors and if computer and harness need changing etc.:bonkers: thx less dallas tx.

STS 310
10-11-05, 02:33 PM
I dont think those years are compatible. I could be wrong.

10-12-05, 09:00 PM
Don't waste your time. The engine was significantly redesigned in 2000 and has very little in common with the previous engines in terms of swappability.

The PCM and wiring is completely different and is absolutely not compatible. Prior to 2000 the PCM was a delco unit and in 2000 it switched to a Siemens unit. Everything changed.

The earlier engines had the coil pack ignition and the 2000 and later engines had coil-at-plug ignitions that require the 2000 and later PCM to drive it. Neither are interchangeable.

The reluctor wheel pattern machined in the crank of the 2000 is different and will not work with the earlier generation crank sensors. In addition, the crank sensor mounting holes in the block are not in the same location (they look like they are but they aren't)

In other words, you cannot simply use the 1999 ignition system on the 2000 engine because the crank reluctor wheel pattern is wrong and the crank sensors are in the wrong location even if you were to swap the cranks. The 2000 ignition system will not work in the 1999 car because it needs the 2000 PCM (the ignition is not standalone like the 1999) and the 2000 PCM will not play in a 1999 car.

Getting a 2000 model Northstar to run in an earlier model car is virtually impossible unless you have a LOT of time and a LOT of money. It would be cheaper to just buy a 2000 model car with it all sorted out and running...