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10-10-05, 09:04 PM
My ETC has been making a squealing noise, I used my dad's old stethoscope to determind it's the tensioner pulley bearing. So I went to rockauto (since their java catalog is the easiest) to find the part.

Under "belt drive system" it lists "belt tensioner assembly" and "belt tensioner pulley." The assembly is $46 for the delco, the pulley is $12 but no delco parts are listed, only Gates.

I don't want to pull everything out of the way TWICE (once to find out if I can just do the pulley, again to replace what I need,) so I'm asking you guys. Anyone know if you have to replace the entire assembly just to get the bearing squeel or can I just do the pulley?

10-10-05, 11:27 PM
If it's just the pulley bearing squealing, you can probably just replace the pulley, and not the actual spring tensioner assembly. The actualy tensioner arm doesn't really move that much and therefor doesn't have all the stress that the actually pulley bearing does. If you can remove the tesnior and get the pulley off, you could probably just get away with that. If your going to pull the whole thing off though, it might be worth it just to throw a whole new tensioner arm in there as well while your at it.

10-11-05, 01:08 AM
Replace the assembly---they lose tension slowly over time. It would be best to do it all right the first time and save yourself the trouble of the arm assembly coming apart later. SUPERCREW632

10-11-05, 04:10 AM
Tensioner arm on my car seems to be quite tense still. I've worked on a couple much newer cars that had weaker tensioner springs than mine does now. As much as I'd love to change everything on the engine in case it fails later, my bank account says NO.

*Might* do the idler pulley though while I'm down there though since it's only like $14 or so IIRC. That's pending a cost/benefit analysis regarding me spending $14...

I guess I'll freeze my ass off tomorrow or Wed. and see if I can just get away with the pulley itself, then put it back together and wait a week for parts to come and do it over again. (you can see why I'm asking, hoping someone will have a definite answer.)

10-11-05, 02:39 PM
You probably don't need to replace anything to stop the squeal. Carefully pull the seal away from the bearing, pack with grease and carefullly press the seal back on and you're good to go.