: 98 DeVille -Torque Trouble

10-10-05, 04:24 PM
Please advise cost of Torque repair 98 Cad Deville through Cadillac Dealer. All other mechanics won't touch it due to NorthStar program on car.

10-10-05, 06:04 PM
Please explain what you are talking about. I have no idea what you mean.

We can't give you the cost of repair. We can give you insight into the problem and what is required to complete the repair. We can tell you what might be a reasonable cost.

The cost will be set by the shop that makes the repair.

10-11-05, 12:30 AM
I'm just making a wild guess here, but I have a pretty good feeling your referring to the Torque Converter. If not, are you then talking about the upper torque bars attached to the top of the engine to keep it from rocking under load? If neither, than like zonie77, I have absolutely no idea what the hell your talking about.

First of all, for starters the Northstar is not a "program, it's the name of the engine that's in your car. Second, you cannot repair "torque" as it is not thing, that exist in any real shape or form. It is simply a turning force created by the engine, resulting in the force that you see as forward momentum when you step on the gas pedal. This is what turns the wheels. It is directed from the engine through the transmission at continuously variable rate depending on how much power is required by the engine to move the car, by way of the "Torque Converter". This is what actually transfers the mechanically energy from the engine to the transmission, and the onto the wheels. On the other had, torque being a rotating force, causes the engine to rock when under load, resulting in the need for upper "Torque" braces on some models equipped with the northstar. This helped reduce the amount of rocking when the engine was under load. Just some information to help you (and us) understand exactly what it is you are talking about..hehe.

Anyway, to be quite honest, I'm not sure if your year Deville even used the upper torque braces anymore. If so, than forget the last few sentences of the previous paragraph. If your torque converter is failing (or has failed), it really has absolutely nothing to do with the engine, other than the fact that it is bolted to the flex plate (a*k*a flywheel). If it has gone bad, any good transmission shop should be able to fix it. If the shop said they would touch it because the car has the Northstar in it, than they don't even deserve to work o n a go kart, let alone an actual car. I would stay far away from that shop (and advise other as well for their own good) and look for a reputable shop than has done work on the 4T80E transmission before (that the transmission you have in your car).