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10-09-05, 10:03 PM
Here's a good one: our new SRX works pretty well. Problem is the Driver's Information Center. Seems that it can't get the MPG and fuel usage right. The gas tank only holds a certain amount of gallons. The DIC routinely indicates such things as we used 7 to 9 gallons more than the tank holds. Needless to say that it throws off the MPG and other calculations because of this error. Everything has been reset, checked and checked again. Always starts out correct. After a day or two, it malfunctions giving bad information.

I called those nice customer service folks. Seems they are in Oregon and work for a private company, not Cadillac. They refuse to tell me the name of the company they work for due to "security reasons". In any event, it has been to the dealer twice. Then off to another dealer (GMC) for fixing. The dealer was able to verify there is a problem. They even replaced a gas tank sensor. Still, the same problem. Now, those nice customer service folks tell me that there is NO FIX for the problem. As a matter of fact, they now say there is no problem because the entire DIC is really just a rough estimate. The dealer (and customer service reps) have told me that they have checked with Cadillac Technical Support. Again, I am told that there is "no fix at this time" for the problem and I am the only one they know of with this issue.

I am getting nowhere with this problem. Customer Service (as polite as they are) says they will send me out an arbitration form to fill out to proceed to an arbitrator. I really don't want that, I just want my car fixed. Anyone else have this problem?

10-09-05, 10:07 PM
I forgot to mention that the car otherwise works fine and the navigation an other functions appear to work fine. I just can't seem to understand why Cadillac is refusing to remedy the situation. I have had other cadillacs with DIC systems and never any problems.


10-09-05, 10:48 PM
I am so frustrated about this problem. The other issue that may be related in the personal radio settings I make for "driver 2". I set the sound controls the way I prefer and sometimes I get back into the car (after a short time) and the settings appear to return to a default setting. I am really not picky about my cars, I just want the thing to work correctly.


10-10-05, 09:27 AM
I had a similiar problem as some DIC info (gallons used for one) reset themselves to zero radomly. They replaced the DIC/radio and problem solved plus the new radio sounds much stronger.

10-10-05, 11:52 AM
I had significant errors in my original DIC (2005 SRX V8 RWD, Bose, no NAV) apparently due to "random resets of trip odometer" before "radio assy replacement". Since I keep specific "paper records" of everything on my autos, I make comparisons DIC vs actual. Examples for local & trips before replacement & after:
L-a) {before} DIC avg mileage = 14.9 vs actual 12.26; T-b) {before} DIC avg = 19.1 vs actual 13.44 !!!
L-c) {after} DIC avg = 12.5 vs actual 12.21; L-d) {after} DIC avg = 14.8 vs actual 14.66 !! T-e) {after} DIC avg = 19.8 vs actual 20.25; T-f) {after} DIC avg = 20.2 vs actual 20.84 !!!
I posted my DIC vs actual avg to 9/18/05 on Fuel Mileage for V8 AWD thread.
Also, I found that my OBDII trouble code reader does not work with the "SRX-CAN" computer system (to be reqd on US autos by 2008 ??); so in a code readout tool search, I acquired a "scanguage" that provides both ODBII and "CAN" trouble-code-readouts as well as providing an alternative for reading DIC information in addition to much more detail-auto-system-computer data for about 1/3 cost of the currently advertised CAN tools. Still evaluating this. Found it at www.scanguage.com

10-12-05, 09:17 AM
If it makes you feel any better I have been told the same exact thing. Others have had their units swapped out w a refurb and say its fine but caddy stopped doing it due to it reoccuring (says my dealer). If they tell you they are going to do an update to try to fix it, keep in mind you will loose all of your contact info stored on your DIC. Fuel used and timer reseting, how can they not come up w a fix????