: Mufflers

10-08-05, 05:47 PM
i just wanted to know if anybody knew about a good exuast system but didnt make that much noise until u hit the throttle i was thinking about the borla

10-08-05, 08:35 PM
check out gibson....i must say i'm very impressed with the sound and response time + i havent had a problem with my exhaust since.

10-09-05, 02:56 PM
Flowmaster dual exhaust... its quiet when idling and agressive when on the gas. Love it!

10-09-05, 03:38 PM
Borla just put a new cat back system on my 05 and it sounds awesome! Not much noise in the cabin which is great.

10-10-05, 12:36 AM
The corsa make no noist unless you step on the gas, but it the muffler or exauhst exit that cancels the noise?

10-10-05, 07:39 AM
Corsa Touring, not much if any interior noise until you get on it. :)