: 2002 Deville AIR pump Vacuum line Routing

06-28-14, 12:07 PM
The vacuum hook up to the secondary air pump check valve (on the rear valve cover) has some sort of solenoid valve in line off one side of the tee. One side hooks to the diaphragm on top of the check valve tee'd of a supply line, OK Fine, the other side from this tee routes to this two port solenoid valve. The supply line routes to one side of this valve. What does this other port plumb to ??? I just put everything (I hope ) back together after changing spark plugs and don't remember what went to the second port on this valve ???
Thanks for any help you all may provide.
Rey Stenhouse

06-28-14, 12:44 PM
The other port runs to the front check valve. It has a long hard plastic vacuum line with multiple 90 degree bends.

You can just barely see it between the fuel rail and the wire duct running off the orange solenoid (disregard arrow and thought bubble) in this picture. It runs into the plastic wire duct and to the forward side of the TB and then down and around to the front check valve.

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06-28-14, 01:23 PM
When (not if) one of those plastic line/rubber connectors breaks, replace the entire assembly (plastic line and rubber connectors) with a length of proper sized rubber vacuum tubing from the Help! racks at a parts store.

07-01-14, 12:22 PM
For our membership I just finished replacing the spark plugs in my 2002 Deville Northstar. Very difficult (rear bank) to say the least but I got it done. I found it very helpful to use a Gates 20693 ( O'reilly No.?) to replace the original 90 deg. hose if you wish or need to replace the original. Same Dia. but a little longer on the ends = much easier to install.
Good Luck
Rey Stenhouse
1972 Corvette LS-502 Coupe

07-01-14, 12:37 PM
Per your thread title: There is no rubber hose in the EGR system. In the 2002 the EGR valve is piped to the right (rear) exhaust manifold with a steel pipe and the EGR valve itself is bolted directly to the right (rear) side of the throttlebody casting.

I believe that you replaced the rubber air inlet hose on the right bank AIR control/check valve. The discharge side of that valve is piped to the top of the exhaust manifold with a steel "flex" pipe (it doesn't flex). Your car may have one or two AIR pumps: Determined by the number of gray relays clipped to the right (passenger) side strut tower.

See your previous thread on this subject. For continuity I merged the two threads on essentially the same work.