: 2005 SRX Sticky Lifter Sound - Carbon Build Up

10-05-05, 11:24 PM
I have had my 2005 SRX into the dealership 4 times trying to solve a loud sticky lifter or a water pump bearing going bad sound. The dealership and GM claims it is carbon build up from using high octane gas. The dealership did several de-carbonization cleanings of the engine without any luck. They even poured a quart of Zmax Micro Lubricant into the engine to stop the sound. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

10-06-05, 08:50 AM
Check out this article:


10-06-05, 10:18 AM
V8 or V6?

My V6 had a bad camshaft which made a sound like a bad bearing.
Both left side camshafts were replaced plus the retainers.
My delaership had another SRX do the same thing a week before.

You can do a search in this forum under "camshaft" and my thread should come up.

10-06-05, 02:25 PM
That's odd to me that you would get carbon build up from using high octane gas, since -- assuming you have a V8 -- high octane gas is recommended.