: Turbos put back?

Sinister Angel
12-01-03, 09:07 PM
I was thinking about the turbo thing as I was talking to elwesso.

Since the engine compartment is packed, would it be possible to mount the turbos under the car and back a little ways (shielded from the crap that gets kicked up, of course), then have a return line comming back to the intake manifold?

I know that turbo lag would be an issue, but I think when it finally kicks in, you are gone.

Just one of my random thoughts.


12-01-03, 09:23 PM
The piping will kill you. Even if you manage to find room under the car (which is asking for it on something as low as the caddy's already) and if you manage to pipe the exhaust in well, bringing it back up to the engine will require a lot of work sadly. Part of the difficulty is the fact that it's transverse, AND FWD, so a lot of stuff crammed there already. You might, and I mean MIGHT, be able to pipe it up to the front of the car, in the bumper region to route, but you'd be doing a LOT of piping. The perhaps best I could see, is mount the turbo under the motor on the pass side, run piping up to the front bumper, toss an intercooler along the bottom opening (bottom area of the radiator) then route the rest of the piping up in through the stock airbox region. However, that's still not what I would call a desired layout.

12-01-03, 09:27 PM
You could also relocate the battery and or eliminate the airbox...

12-01-03, 09:34 PM
If you're pullin the battery, plug in a s/c, run the piping out across the front and intercool it I say. But that's just me.

12-01-03, 09:36 PM
Id think that would be the more feasible option..

12-01-03, 10:31 PM
Hot Rod Dec 2003 issue has an article about turbo basics.
Popular Hot Rodding Jan 2004 has an article about building a 64 Malibu project car "Malitude". This issue has them building the turbo setup and has some good tips on scratch building.
The Caddy could be turbo'd by running the rear exhaust forward and mounting the turbo in front of the engine. I think there would be room to run the exhaust under the engine twice.
With the head bolt problems on the N* I'd want to be conservative on boost so running smaller pipes might be a good idea anyway.

12-01-03, 10:59 PM
Oh yeah,
I agree with shadowlvr and elwesso about moving things to make room.I had that in mind when I typed the first reply.

12-02-03, 09:19 PM
Oh yeah,
I agree with shadowlvr and elwesso about moving things to make room.I had that in mind when I typed the first reply.
Why not cut the down pipe just after it merges together mount a flange and a single turbo in the trans tunnel that way the turbo is as close as posible to the exaust ports. This should help the turbo spool up faster reducing turbo lag. then the rest of the exaust can just be run from the turbo to the back of the car. It will keep the weight and down and make the system easyer to install. I think there might be enough room to run a pipe the between the crossmember and the body, over the trans and into the front of the car for a front mount inter cooler..any more ideas........:bonkers:

12-05-03, 12:30 AM
what ever happened to the XMS project??? is it possible for them to make new stronger headgaskets, but a little bit thicker to lower the compression a little bit?

it would be so much fun!