: Now its time to say Goodbye ...

10-05-05, 04:08 PM
Time to say bye to my 99 lade. I have 94k miles on it and hope to get about 12-13 for it. I did have a question if anyone has or knows if the regular tahoe/ck/suburban radio will work in our system. I replaced my entire system with aftermarket and the factory stuff has been misplaced. I can go to the local junkyard and get one but didnt know if it will work with the factory system. I have the amp, but not the cd changer. If anyone has this stuff and are local to the de/nj/phila area let me know.

P.S. Im only saying bye to the old lade, new one (03,04) comes this weekend.:devilheh:

10-05-05, 05:04 PM
You will love your knew ride, i had a 99, and upgraded to a 2003 about a 1year and a half ago. It was tough to let go at first, but the 03 was so nice it only took a few days to forget about the 99. Enjoy