: 22's

10-05-05, 02:55 AM
Hi, I have some 22 inch 305/45/22 Goodyear Fortera's (Great quite tire, 500 treadrating) with 1000 miles on them mounted on 22 inch Motto MT100's. I paid 2500.00 for the set. I am looking to get 1600.00. Email me if your interested. I have lots of pics. Here's one.


Let me know, I am getting 24's so I want to sell. They ride excellent, I had Kumho's before and they were terrible IMO. I'm in the Bay Area for local peeps.


Spittin Game
10-05-05, 03:08 AM
check your email

10-05-05, 06:17 AM
Please post this in the Cadillac Classifieds (http://www.cadillacforums.com/cadillac-classifieds/) section.