: last thing holding my cylinder head on... help!

10-04-05, 09:08 PM
with the cradle dropped, headbolts out, timing chains off, exhaust manifolds disconnected, etc etc etc... i thought i could finally pull the head off (front head). what i'm finding now is, while there is a fair bit of play, it still seems to be connected somewhere on the right side (water pump side). i've looked everywhere, and can't find any bolts or anything holding it on. i'm also applying quite a bit of force to remove it (while keeping in mind the safety of the gasket surfaces), so i doubt it's corrosion or whatever that's keeping it on.

what i'm thinking maybe, is that a part of the.. not sure of the term, but the large cast piece of metal, part of the cooling system i believe where the waterpump connects.. but yeah, that thing - maybe part of that protrudes into the head? do i have to remove this thing to pull the head? i'm hoping i don't have to, but will if it's necessary.

hope that makes sense, much thanks to anyone who can help-

10-04-05, 09:15 PM
The part you are talking about is the crossover housing or manifold I believe. Not sure if it is connected to the head but I think it may be as there is no coolant flow through the manifold so that is the way to get coolant from one head to the other I think.

10-04-05, 09:47 PM
thanks, i'm gonna go try and tackle that before i get too tired then, i'd really love to see at least the one head off before i call it a night. i'll post if it works out, and if anyone else has any input, please feel free to speak. thanks again-

10-04-05, 10:02 PM
You mean this thing?

IIRC there are two bolts that enter the head that hold it (the water log/ water crossover) onto the head. Careful with the little gasket, I think they can be reused if undamaged. Otherwise they're cheap.

10-04-05, 11:16 PM
yea that's the one, nice pic.
i'm sure i have the 2 bolts out that connect to the head, as i've removed all bolts that i can see in that area. i've actually removed all the connecting bolts (that i can see) on that side of the housing. still however, something is holding the head on. i've even narrowed it down to the upper right corner of the head, as there's play around the bottom right corner when i pry at it. i was just wondering if something protrudes from the housing into the head, requiring the removal of the housing altogether to pull the head free (as of course i can't slide the head out sideways due to the valves). i can't tell if there are any protrusions from that pic as it's the opposite side i'm talking about.

thanks for the reply-

10-05-05, 12:38 PM
I don't remember any protrusions...

Count your head bolts. You should have removed 10 if I remember correctly.

10-05-05, 10:41 PM
From that pic it looks to me like there might be three bolts going into the head on that side. IMO you should pull the entire crossover off before trying to remove the head. Can't be that difficult if you've got the engine out of the car right? And if you plan to remove the other head as well then it might as well be out of the way.

10-06-05, 02:25 PM
yea i guess that's what i'm gonna try, i just kinda was hoping i wouldnt have to as there's a bolt on the crossover that i want NOTHING to do with.. but hey, having that head off would be worth the trouble, so i guess i'm gonna give it a shot when i get off work.

10-06-05, 09:16 PM
hey, i've determined it definitely isn't the crossover housing, after prying the housing away from the head just enough to slip out the gaskets and see nothing protruding into the heads.

the last thing i can think.. and i'll feel dumb if this is it.. are those two big hex bolts that sit under the valve covers with all the head bolts. however i was told by a mechanic that these could stay, and i really hope they can after stripping one of them out trying to remove it. plus, there's some play with the heads now, and if they held the heads down i don't see how i could move them at all. so i'm still unsure.

do the two big hex bolts that sit in with the head bolts have to come off for head removal? thanks-

10-06-05, 11:14 PM
please, disregard my last post - the cylinder heads are off! :dance:

after a lot of wasted time removing stuff that didn't need removing and checking everywhere i could for the problem, i was trying to pry the head up again with my crowbar - and it started sliding up!
it turns out that both the heads were just stuck on their locating pins at the crossover housing side of the block, due to corrosion and grime that had built up. i'm surprised the mess was holding them on that strongly.

so anyway, now my heads are off, and i'm gonna get to work on obtaining my timeserts for the next step. i think it's fairly clear where most of the problem is, as there's a bunch of slimy orange buildup on one of the pistons, and it seems to lead into one of the coolant passages.

well thanks for all the help so far, you guys and this board have been invaluable to me. i've never taken on something like this, and i appreciate you guys sharing your knowledge and experience-