: 94 Seville STS History Codes???

11-29-03, 10:42 PM
Car runs fantastic no SES lights or any issues at all. I did do a diagnostic and reset the computer and I got P047,P107,P137 all history codes. reset them and checked it a few days later and they are all back but it does not set off any service soon light and the car runs out 110%. Just wondering since I noticed another guy philcaddy I think had 2 of these codes on his 94 STS and no one chimed in to help answer him. I saw 047 is a PCM-ICP something and I think 137 is a loss of ABS signal (temporary obviously) but P107 is nowhere to be found. Either way this car tears ass with 108,000 on it. Anti freeze and GM pellets done and 8 qts of valvoline durablend. trans service next.

11-30-03, 12:29 PM
PO47 and PO107 are listed as the same code. 'PCM/ IPC data link problem.'

P137 is 'loss of ABS/TCS data.

It appears something is going on on the UART circuit 800. This is the circuit where all the different computers 'talk' to each other. They can be a real hair puller to figure out.