: Help on SRX front end clunking noise...

09-27-05, 05:36 PM
This noise emanates formt he frond end while the car is being driven over rough srufaces, although the surface by no means has to be too rough. It started out subtle, but has grown. I have a '05 SRX with 2k miles on it. Oddly enough when I brake over the rough road it goes away! Could a front brake caliper be loose? I am going to take it to the dealer at next chance, but any experience or advice with this problem would be helpful. Great driving car btw!

10-03-05, 04:23 PM
I had the same problem from the day one when I picked up my car from dealership with 17 mils on it. It took me a year and may be ten visits to the service departments on two different dealerships.
Every time I came to dealership I told them and demonstrated this noise but these "GM professionals" couldn't figure out what and where the problem is.
Finally I took different approach and when I came to dealership I complained that there is knocking sound in the steering wheel when it in neutral position ( wheels straight) and I try move it rapidly left and right, this symptoms where tested against another car (SRX V6 which was on the lot) and that car didn't have this noise.
To make long story short problem was in rack & pinion and it was replaced with new one and since that day (7/21/2005) it drives like a totally different car.
You can check my posts regarding this problem and my battle here:


My personal opinion that was or may be still is a problem on all SRX with V8 and people just don't know how to describe this exactly, I describe this like a lousy not solid ride when you drive over the bumps or potholes, I drove may be 8 different V8 SRXs and all of them had this problem (new and with low mileage) at the same time V6 version didnít have this problem.
By the way when I came to dealer third time these idiots changed my front struts even though I told them that it may be rack and pinion.
So, check you steering wheel (move it left and right, engine is off) and if you have this knocking sound it's definitely rack and pinion.

10-04-05, 10:07 AM
Wow! For once I must be lucky. I don't have that problem.

My SRX is back in the shop having the back wiper and pump fixed.