: So I just replaced the rear EGR tube in my northstar

06-07-14, 09:47 PM
All I can say is you better have some beer in you if you ever have to replace it. Mine got a bit crunched when the studs were done, and I opted to replace it later. Size is 1 1/4 inch for the bottom nut that connects to the exhaust. I had to cut a wrench in half to be able to turn it. In addition to that, there are 10 mm bolts holding the heat shield on. You will need to remove that too.

Then, adjusting the pipe so it fits... I thought getting that exhaust nut was hard. I had someone use a crowbar while I cranked the bolt that holds the pipe to below the EGR valve.

It went something like the straight end of the crowbar was pressed into the bracket of the EGR tube pushing it towards the engine. The curved part of the crowbar was pressing against the hood of the car. While my friend was doing that, I started screwing the bolt in.

Overall 2/10 would not replace again.

Figured I would post this and share my story. Although these pipes are basically forever, I have seen a few posts about replacing them.

Good luck!

Edit: Woo! My own tech tips post!

Also, this is the part number for the tube: 12561834

Many places will charge you around $100 for it. I got mine for 35 with shipping. What I did was found an ebay seller who was parting out Northstar engines and asked if he had this part. He said he would save it for me on the next one he got. I figured this was the easiest than lying on the dirty ground at a junk yard or paying $100 for an used part.