: O2 Sensors in a Hot Rod Set-up

06-05-14, 01:12 PM
I'm putting a 2005 SRX LH2 engine in my hot rod and just came to the realization that I may need all four O2 sensors, even though I am not running the catalytic convertors. I was hoping to run just two sensors. Can anyone help me understand how to run two O2 sensors and wire them to work with the existing ECM?

I have attached the factory wiring schematic. Clearly different sensors front and back.

06-05-14, 01:26 PM

You can change the sensors and catalyst to not report the CEL (option 3)

06-05-14, 10:18 PM
PCM Performance did my ECM and he says I need to use the front O2 sensors. They use a six wire connection. I think I can run that way w/o reprogramming the ECM.