: Magnaflows on a 2003 Deville

06-02-14, 08:20 PM
I put Magnaflow Mufflers(don't know model) on my 2003 Deville Base about 2 months ago. The car has 268,000KM, and this is my first mod from stock. I can say it does have a little bit more power but only at the very end of the RPM band.

It only has more growl when I step on it, and has absolutely no drone while cruising which I love. It also saves me about 2 Liters per/100 KM. The mileage improvement might of happened no matter what replacement mufflers I put on, simply because of the high mileage on the stock mufflers, but I'm no car expert.

06-03-14, 07:23 AM
Exhaust work on these cars are usually for sound, especially the end muffler work.