: Considering a "Division Company Vehicle"

09-23-05, 09:00 AM
Hi All,
First time posting...I have been lurking for a little while and appreciate all the input you all have contributed to this execellent forum. Also, the FAQ is great!

I am in the market for a new (to me) car and my search has lead me to the CTS-V. I have been considering all the usual suspects (4.2L S4, E46 M3, G35, etc) in the $35k-50k range but was generally unhappy for various reasons with the selection until....I found the CTS-V!

OMG, this is the car I think. I test drove one last night and it was everything I am looking for. Its got looks, nut, handling, finesse, great fit-n-finish, and I can be comfortable in it (Im 6'4") along with 4 other people.

Anyway, I found a '05 Redline/LG w/moonroof at a dealer with the certified warrantee to 100K with < 6k miles for $40K. It is a "Division Company Vehicle". Does this seem like a good deal? Or are the company vehicles a bad idea?

Also, I live on top of a large hill in one of the snowiest parts of NE. Ive read all your posts on snow performance of the V and the results seemed mixed. I would obviously put some hard core snow-tires on (M3s most likely) but do you guys think I would be screwed getting up my hill? Having a winter beater is not an option because of storage logistics.

TIA and I hope to be joining your ranks soon!

09-23-05, 09:15 AM
I bought mine the same way, only had 75 miles on it. No troubles, no complaints.

09-23-05, 09:50 AM
I bought a company vehicle also with 11K miles. It seems like they took good care it. All recalls and regular maintenace were done on schedule. The only issues I had were with the TPS on two tires. I just took it in this morning to have the brake noise looked at today. Starting to sqweak. Other than that, no real issues. Ask for the car's service history from the dealer. Good luck, Redline's a nice color choice but black is fastest.:cool2:

Ryan's '05-V
09-23-05, 10:01 AM
I guess we need to know how many miles are on it and what it looks like. I got my PEP car with almost 8000 miles and had a couple dents, some scratched paint and curb rash but for the price since I leased it I couldn't pass it up. My diff was shot too.

A certified warranty is only good if you are buying and plan on keeping it so if it looks good and seems to drive well and not be beat on, go for it but try to get the price down a little if you can.
How are the tires? At 8000 miles the runflats were about dead on mine. If you have fresh tires, then and 6/100 for $40K is pretty decent.

09-23-05, 10:22 AM
Its got about 5800 miles on it. I went to see it at dusk, so I will need to re-inspect it in the daylight to be sure...but overall it looked to be in very good shape.

I did see there was a small scratch on the drivers-side front quarter panel, a rock-chip on the hood, and a minor curb rash on the drivers-side front wheel/rim. Also, the tires looked like they were fairly worn...probably about 3/4 through their life. But otherwise the car (in the limited dusk light) looked to be clean and well taken care of.

So 40K might be a bit high?

I know what you mean about the black color. Its actually my favorite color for a car and is the color of my current vehicle. Theres nothing like a black car that just left the detailing bay! Problem is it never stays that way for more than 10 minutes so I swore I wont get another one ;) Actually, I am usually not a fan of red, but that V redline color is a purdy one ;)


09-23-05, 11:41 AM
There is a guy on the forum who will pull the history if you have a vin#:shhh:

At the end of the year you can find pretty good deals.


09-23-05, 11:45 AM
40K is high in my opinion....consider this:

Trade-in value on an 05 Redline is around 34K with only 4000 miles!

I'd go from there....a friend of mine is a dealer and he has seen them in auctions with as low as 300 miles for only $33,000. Use this as a reference. They know they won't get any money in an auction so they try to rip the consumer off!

I would just tell them the figures staright up --- show them you did your homework! See what happends!

09-23-05, 11:59 AM
Thanks for all the good info guys.

Here is the VIN


Ryan's '05-V
09-23-05, 12:16 PM
It's a great car and I love the redline color. I love my black but like you said, they get dirty in 10 minutes, maybe even less. I would prefer the redline myself and these damn rims need to be chrome.
Good luck.

09-23-05, 02:04 PM
The CTS-V is a terrible winter car. That having been said, RWD moved America for a long time before FWD and SUV became household terms. If you invest in a good set of snow tires (the thinner the better!) and 100 pounds or so of lead shot or sand for the trunk/tire well, you should be able to get by if you need to.

The glow ground clearance will work against you for some of the wet heavy snows that are more than a few inches deep, of course, but you might not be able to get enough traction for it to really matter anyway.

09-23-05, 02:20 PM
I would try and find out how it was used. I would not, for example, want to buy a V that they used in the Autoshow in Motion. They are abused to hell and back. But in general, I think you can get a really good deal this way.

$40k sounds too high though.

09-23-05, 03:00 PM
It was apparently a dealer-rep vehicle. According to carfax it was registered in Michigan in April.

Redline CTS-V
09-23-05, 03:15 PM
VIN : 1G6DN56S350211406
Merchandising Model : 6DN69 -2005 CTS-V Warranty Start Date : 04/20/2005
Delivering Dealer : N/A Selling Source : N/A
Site Code : N/A
Business Associate Code : N/A
Service Contract : No Branded Title : No Warranty Block : No PDI Status : Ineligible

Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Campaigns

Vehicle Has No Current Record Of Outstanding Service Information

OnStar Equipped Yes OnStar Status Active Refer to Help page for details or: www.onstarenrollment.com or (888)ONSTAR1 (888)667-8271
XM Equipped Yes XM Radio ID AHKM80HG XM Status Inactive Refer to Help page for details or: www.gm.xmradio.com or (800)556-3600

Description Effective Date Effective Odometer End Date End Odometer
48/50000 BUMPER TO BUMPER 04/20/2005 0 miles 04/20/2009 50000 miles
72/UNLIMITED SHEET METAL COVERAGE RUST THROUGH 04/20/2005 0 miles 04/20/2011 Unlimited miles
96/80000 FEDERAL EMISSION CATALYTIC CONV. AND PCM 04/20/2005 0 miles 04/20/2013 80000 miles
48/50000 FEDERAL EMISSION 04/20/2005 0 miles 04/20/2009 50000 miles

R.O Date R.O Number Type Labor Operation Odometer Reading
07/25/2005 154925 # H0127 - ROTOR ASSEMBLY - FRONT - BOTH - R&R OR REPLACE 4438 miles
06/09/2005 153688 # D1443 - DEFLECTOR, AIR (OUTLET VENT) - LEFT CENTER - REPLACE 2281 miles
05/27/2005 153339 # N6608 - WIRING AND/OR CONNECTOR - EMISSIONS SYSTEM - REPAIR OR REP 1998 miles
04/26/2005 152490 # E0203 - WHEEL - FOUR - BALANCE 743 miles
04/26/2005 152490 # R0754 - RADIO RECEIVER-RETURN TO AC/DELCO ESC 743 miles
04/26/2005 152490 # R0760 - RECEIVER, RADIO - REMOVE, REPAIR, AND REPLACE 743 miles

1998-2004 General Motors Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

09-23-05, 03:17 PM
Thanks! Thats really cool that you can see all that.

09-23-05, 04:20 PM
Thanks! Thats really cool that you can see all that.

A good reason to become a SUPPORTING MEMBER huh? :thumbsup: