: coolant drip middle front lower

06-01-14, 08:28 PM
hello everyone.
I found a coolant leak above the the oil filter housing area. Im trying to find the part on alldata but I don't know its part name. Anyone have any info on it? sensor, switch, sender,?
Thanks for your help.

06-02-14, 08:59 AM
Do you have a water cooled alternator ?

06-02-14, 09:46 AM
I think the '99 does have a water cooled alternator.

The oil pressure switch would not leak coolant. Neither would the CKP sensors.

06-02-14, 01:30 PM
Thanks guys,
The '99 eldo doesn't have a water cooled alt. my mechanic says there is a gasket between the oil filter housing and
the engine block that has been known to spring a leak of coolant. It's going up on the lift after lunch to inspect.
He knows sometimes I fix it myself, meaning he won't mislead me.
Also in regards to alldata, I have multiple year subscription, however I can not find a view of the forward side of the
engine or just the oil filter area, any suggestions? I am going to google N* engine view next. Is there a sticky that
give a view or two? thanks Ed

06-02-14, 03:33 PM
Your mechanic is misinformed. The seal between the oil filter adapter and the block (lower case half) is an oil seal. I have removed mine to replace the CKP sensors and there was no coolant loss. Coolant is above the halfcase seal.


06-02-14, 03:36 PM
There is no coolant involved in the oil filter adapter, the 2 O-rings or the 2 retainer bolts.

Been there, done that - several times on several cars.

(IF the engine has V03 - HD cooling with an engine oil cooler, the oil lines run to a tank cooler in the passenger end radiator tank)

This diagram (with my added notes) is from my Alldata subscription...............................