: Cadillac Realtime Chat... on IRC

03-02-03, 11:10 AM
I like the way this forum is going, and I was thinking it should have a chat counterpart, just like all good forums do. To that extent, I believe the best chat for everyone is IRC, though it is more tricky than most.

I've started a new channel (IRC term for chatroom, sorta) and I'll put a brief guide here for anyone who wants to join and doesnt know how. People that do know how, it's on Efnet in #cadillac.



Ok, now for the rest of ya :p

IRC, or Internet Relay Chat, uses server or server networks and allows clients who log onto these servers to start whatever channels they want. Most channels begin with the # symbol, like #cars and #dvd and the like. Ours will be #Cadillac, and the server will be Efnet.

For windows users (probably a majority here), the best program for beginners is Mirc. It can be downloaded at http://www.mirc.com . Once you download and install it, you will need to configure somethings in the options window (which can be opened by click the folder with the hammer in front of it.)

Select the Connect Category on the right. There will be 4 fields.

Full Name: You don't need to actually put your full name in here, and people can see this, so you probably don't want to anyways.

Email Address: Same as the full name, just put a fake one unless you like having your email open to the public.

Nickname: Just like what you use on this forum (like me, Cyphatic). Only one person can use the same name, so you may need to be original, you'll probably be find using what you use here, but no spaces (though you can use the _ )

Alternative: In case you log on and someone else is using your Nickname, this will be used instead.

This should be all you need to setup. Press ok to close the window.

To join a efnet server, there's two simple ways. First, you can just type "/server efnet" in the Status window, or you can right-click the options icon (the one with the hammer) select Efnet, then select a server that is close to you.

It may take a few tries as all the servers listed in Mirc are not up all the time, but once you connect, you're almost there. To join our channel, either type "/join #cadillac" in the status window, or click the Channels Folder icon (the one with a #+ on it, right next to the options icon). Click add, and type in #cadillac in the Channel text field, ignore the rest and press ok, select #cadillac in the list, and click join.

Congratulations, you made it. On the right of the channel is a list of people who are in it. On the bottom of the window is where you type in what you want to say, and in the main space is where the chat is. People with @'s next to their names, like @Cyphatic, are ops. They are like admins for the channel, so if you're having any problems with someone being rude, nasty, or doing something rather lame, just let one of us know.

So anyways, I hope the channel will grow and provide some realtime help for the forums and cadillac discussion alone. I hope to see some of the local pros (eyes Eldo1953 :) ) and look forward to everyone coming.


03-02-03, 11:34 AM
Sounds great! You might want to talk to Sal to see if it can be integrated into the site one day.

03-02-03, 05:32 PM
Actually, I do like Chat Rooms but am not going to a chat format for this site. The reason being - there can be important discussions that go missed by people who SHOULD/NEED to be there. At least here, you can't miss anything. If you're not here when the conversation is happening, you can always read it later.

Thank you for the suggestion, though. Actually, I'm going to move this over to the Suggestion forum...