: I am trying to get the Hell out of Houston

09-21-05, 10:09 PM
And I can't find gasoline. The wifes SRX is full. I guess we'll leave the V behind.

09-21-05, 10:11 PM
coming here? all the hotels in SA are full....radio tonite said you have to head 200 miles MORE inland from SA to find a room.
here or del rio it seems

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09-21-05, 10:12 PM
And Urby, Thanks for the offer but we are headed up north. It looks like you may get hit as hard in San Antonio as us in Houston.

09-21-05, 10:12 PM
good luck, slow. nobody should have go through something like that

09-21-05, 10:14 PM
Good luck!

The world is going crazy, and gas is going to 5.:suspense: :bomb:

09-21-05, 10:14 PM
We posted at the same time . No rooms in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas or Lousiana. We will stay with family in Dallas.

09-21-05, 10:14 PM
And Urby, Thanks for the offer but we are headed up north. It looks like you may get hit as hard in San Antonio as us in Houston.
take all your valuables, IDs, and all your important paperwork including all insurance paperwork. praying for all you guys. if she hits me, she'll just be a TS or maybe weak cat 1.

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09-21-05, 10:15 PM
Ssmith100...get in yer camper and park her in my drive, k? i'm really worried about you guys.
slow....great plan. we wish you the best.

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09-21-05, 10:20 PM
Thanks Guys. We will be fine. I am going out tonight late to find gas. If I can't find it the V will stay behind in the garage. If I do find it we will caravan both vehicles up north.

Dave's V
09-21-05, 11:33 PM
Good luck slow35th! Don't worry about your car, it can be replaced. Your family's lives can not. Be safe!

There goes the price of gas another 30-40 cents a gallon!

09-21-05, 11:36 PM
Goodluck. I Hope You Are All Safe. I Would Hate To Have To Go Through That With Mt Family


09-21-05, 11:45 PM
Tip guys,

If you read about the gas situation, realize that the effects of Rita could be worse than Katrina for gas... anyone in the potential areas should fill up and get the hell out of dodge.

09-21-05, 11:49 PM
No Shit. It Sucks. Gas Here In Canada Is At 1.75 A Liter In Some Places

09-21-05, 11:52 PM
No Shit. It Sucks. Gas Here In Canada Is At 1.75 A Liter In Some Places

I'd take that right now......none to be had here

09-21-05, 11:52 PM
No Shit. It Sucks. Gas Here In Canada Is At 1.75 A Liter In Some Places

Whoa, where do you live??!! I'm paying $1.18 for premium in Sask.!!!

Good luck down there guys, yes this will increase the price again when the storm hits Texas, Katrina hit us hard with prices for almost everything because goods are trucked in.....

there is a good lounge thread about Texas and this situation if you want to check it...

09-21-05, 11:56 PM
Well. Like I Said Good Luck For All You Guys Down There. That Is Why I Stay In Canada. Safer Lol. No Oceans Close To Me

09-22-05, 01:59 AM
hey guys if you have to hell head west.. come on over to AZ and you can help me finish my car..lol
but anyway, guys dont screw around.. i have been thru 7 hurricanes, 3 in texas.. my first was alicia in houston, actually right by baytown texas... but thats why me and my wife left florida and moved out west... we barely lived or made thru hurrican Ivan, i had to take a ax and cut thru 2 walls to get out of rising water and out of the house.. we where way above the water where it whouldnt have come to, we were evn told we would be ok, water wise that is, but it still backed up all the rivers, water had no where to go, the surge was insane,,, the water rose like 30 feet in less then 5 minutes.. im not joking... we got the edge of the eyewall, and that sucked if you we in the eye at least you get a few minutes of relief, could save a life, or give you time to seek better shelter.. but we got slammed solid... two of my cars looked like bonnie & clydes car, the rocks picked up from the wind and went thru the windows and metal of the car and left bullet size hole... 2 by 6's went thru our walls, brick walls like missles..

so really guys if that hurricane does drop in strenght, please get out dont be a fool.... i would hate to see any of our forum members, which i consider to be friends, killed or injured,,, any life in fact loss or hurt is tragic, and too close to repeat like in mississippi and louisana...
my prayers are with you & your family, Godspeed on your trip to safety, or if you stay

later, blitzer....

09-22-05, 05:21 AM
Good luck to you guys and anyone else down there. If Rita stays as strong as it is, its gonna hit HARD. Be sure to reply to this post, if you can, to let us know you are OK.


09-22-05, 07:10 AM
he's probably stuck on a road somewhere
watching Fox news now, every road out of Houston is PACKED, then the moron police chief says he won't reverse traffic now :rolleyes: god forbid they make their own mandatory evacuation easy for these people. 175MPH, get OUT gang

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09-22-05, 08:30 AM
Guys let me know if you need a place to stay! I have lot's of family and friends in Dallas plus my house if you need some help with a place.

09-22-05, 10:19 AM
Just took me 2 hours to get from Conroe to Huntsville (20 miles) on the back roads. The wife and I haven't made a decision if we are going to leave yet or not. I have relatives in Groesbeck so we might head there in the travel trailer. I sure hate to leave my house.


09-22-05, 12:00 PM
gas up, stations here are running out of regular, i just drove 20 minutes trying to find some.
premium is everywhere

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09-22-05, 02:34 PM
Video your house and contents for your insurance...

This is ugly, good luck to you.

09-22-05, 02:41 PM
Just wanted to say good luck and try and stay safe!!!

09-22-05, 02:44 PM
Godspeed to everyone...

09-22-05, 04:15 PM
if anyone is heading into my direction and needs a place to stay let me know. tonight will be an entertaing night with all the football games scheduled especially at Kyle field when Texas A&M (AGGIES) beats the hell outta Texas State aka: south west texas.
only in TEXAS where football is never cancelled...lol

09-22-05, 05:32 PM
Good luck. If you make it as far as San Diego, we have a guest room. :)

09-22-05, 06:40 PM
We closed all of our chem plants in the Gulf region of western LA and TX. All non-essential personnel were released from their duties yesterday. We expect them all to head inland.

My wife and I were pretty naive and rode out Alicia in Humble in '84. The eye when over us and it was one of the most spectacular experiences ever (for about 10 minutes). When the ass end of Alicia hit us, all hell broke loose. Trees snapped like popsicle sticks and most of the houses in our part of Atascocita were damaged. One local woman was killed by a fallen tree. And the real misery was yet to come.

Loss of electricity is tough in 95F heat in the days after the hurricane. But, loss of water is devastating. That was a week of hell.

I'm trying to hope and pray that Rita drops to a 3 and just gives you guys a lot of water and a couple broken windows.


09-23-05, 01:43 PM
Thanks for the comments everyone. We got out and made it to Dallas. We were in the car for over 18 hours. I normally could have made that trip in 4.5 hours. To avoid the I45 mess we went through Bellville over through Austin and up to Dallas from there. We lucked out on finding gas. We pulled into a Shell in LaGrange because there were only about 20 people in line. Well it turns out those in line were all out and had camped out untill they next tanker showed up. They had no choice regardless of how long that would take. I had some gas and was prepared to travel on. As I figured out what was going on I looked in the rear view mirror and THE TANKER HAD PULLED IN BEHIND ME. I got in line and an hour and a half later I was filled up and moving. Before I had left the line had grown to about 300 cars. Gas and ATM's were no trouble to find north of Austin.

We are well armed safe and all togther so I'm happy.

Looter>> :green: :brutal: << me

I'm a little worried about the V which is tucked away in the garage but if it gets hammered by the Rita, I guess I'll be driving an LS-2 V.

09-23-05, 01:53 PM
Glad to hear you & yours are safe.

09-23-05, 02:30 PM
Excellent. Glad to hear you made it out without much trouble. The V, of course, can be replaced.