: Scared off a 5.0 Rustang...

09-21-05, 07:47 PM
So here I was cruising up to a light on a nice stretch of road and I see in the left lane at the light a nice looking red Rustang convertible with 3 young guys in it. Maybe 18-19 years old. I look over and said nice car. The driver replies "thanks", at this point no of them realize what I'm driving.:stirpot:

I asked" any work in that thing?" The driver says" just gears, intake and exhaust. I said" Is it fast?" He said," It's pretty quick".
I said," let me hear it", He revved the engine.
Now the light changed and I said," let me see whatcha got, You can have a head start.
He then looked over past his friend in the passenger seat and said:eek: " NO WAY YOU GOT A V"...
I cracked up and started to roll away and tried to get him to play. He was not even trying.
At the next light I lit the tires up for about 50 feet and got a thumbs up from the kids as I sped away.:sneaky:

09-21-05, 08:17 PM
Of the many things I love about the V, the "Stealth factor" is amoung my favorites. I had a new convertible Mustang challenge me and put up a good fight, until the light turned green. It's rare when I run across someone familiar with the V.

09-21-05, 08:46 PM
hahaha, i love it too. all these hotheaded college kids rolling around in their hondas with their fart-can exhaust and even better the bmw kids with the 330 ci's love trying to show off with there girlfriends in the car... whenever i come up on one of them i leave them wondering....wtf?! kids are starting to catch on that "Jay has the cadillac with the corvette engine"...thats ok though, plenty of kids I haven't shredded yet!

Thanks Caddy!

09-21-05, 08:58 PM
LOL--that is great.

Gotta love what you felt when you got his reaction once he realized what you had...:)