View Full Version : Pcm issue or camshaft issue any help

05-29-14, 07:30 PM
So i have a 1994 caddillac eldorado and ive been having an issue with long cranks before it starts up so asked one person and they told me that it is my pcm and i seen on another forum it can be the camshaft sensor the cause of long cranks so any help would be greatly appreciated

05-29-14, 09:10 PM
It can be a LOT of things. First thing to do is pull the DTC's.

Are the long crank times on a hot or cold engine?

05-30-14, 10:18 AM
The long crank times are most of the times on cold engine but on occasion it will do it on a hot engine.

05-30-14, 11:10 AM
PCM's are pretty reliable. If you find no relative DTC's, check for a leaky FPR (inside the manifold) and/or vacuum leaks.
How old are the plugs & wires? When was the TB last cleaned?

05-30-14, 11:43 AM
Plugs are like 2 weeks old wires are close to a year old. And the tb not sure what that is but if its the throttle body not sure if its been cleaned i wjll have to clean it ill have to check for the codes do you think the camshaft sensor would have anythi g to do with that.

05-30-14, 09:00 PM
Yes, TB = Throttle Body. Can't hurt to start with that. Probably needs it anyway.

A bad CMP sensor should set some sort of DTC, even on an OBDI engine.