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11-27-03, 10:14 PM
As you may know, Im still trying to figure out why when the car dips down such as braking and turning the "Right tire" hits the back side of the REAR MOST splash shield.

When the car is sitting , you can turn the wheel back and forth with no clearance issues between the tire and the splash shield. It only makes very slight contact when braking or the front end is dipping down such as entering a incline approach and turning. I was thinking maybe a strut, who knows.

Anyway I just thought of measureing all 4 corner heights. Centerline of each tire to inside of fenderwell.

Some interesting measurements,

They are

LR =28-1/16"
RR =28-1/16"
LF =27-9/16"
RF =28-1/16"

Does this point to a strut, I would "assume" the left one, but then why is the Right tire hitting. ?

There is nothing wrong with the steering, it goes down the road straight as a arrow with no vibration or anything.

Does anyone have and ride height measurements for this car.

Does it sound like a strut or something else, and then why isnt the ride system light coming on with that much variation


12-01-03, 10:58 PM
A update.

I brought it in, and they found that the splash sheild was installed slightly cockeyed, they say that problem is fixed.

They cant explain why there is a half inch diffference in ride height thou.

But they did find a steering gear leak. So they replaced the rack.

What a month for this car