: Rail / Injector Leak Deville 99

05-26-14, 09:31 PM
The is Cadillac Deville 99 with NorthStar V8 Engine. Some weeks ago, we start feeling gas odor inside the car.



As you can see in the pic, the hose is wet from gasoline. When the engine starts you can see high pressure leak.

Any suggestions or ideas for fix it?

Thank you


05-26-14, 09:57 PM
It cannot be fixed, it must be replaced.
Get a stainless fuel rail off ebay or man mall. I picked up a brand new for around 40 while back.
Do not attempt to patch plastic lines or car may catch on fire. Do not drive the car until it is fixed either.

05-27-14, 09:43 AM
:yeah: GM had a recall for the nylon rails, but only for the '95-'97's. Any of those will fit your car. Follow Rod's advice and DO NOT drive it until fixed lest you end up like this Eldo.



05-27-14, 10:35 AM
I'll third every word - replace the fuel rail with the steel one.

I'd be willing to bet that yours is NOT covered by the still-open GM recall for leaking fuel rails.

05-28-14, 07:29 AM
I believe 99's don't qualify for the fuel rail recall but they used the same nylon ones.

05-28-14, 07:34 AM
The recall was for a specific plastic fuel rail even, somewhere i have the actual recall TSB. So not even all 97 were changed out. Starting 98 they still used the non recalled rails.
Occording to the TSB there were 3 different plastic rails IIRC and only one was recalled.

05-29-14, 03:11 PM
Thank you for the advice. I'm looking for the part to replace.