: Here is pic of GTO coilpack covers im using

09-19-05, 02:39 AM
This was before i finished it... so if it looks slightly crooked it might be.. I had to measure from center, and i added out v symbol to end there was plenty of room.. but this gives you a rough idea of what they look like.. They are big, but perfect for me and the room i needed..

I might still get powder coated or airbrushed, just depends on what i do later.

later blitzer

09-19-05, 12:40 PM
I have the GTO covers as well (they look great on platnium v)... I am still trying to make a plaque to go where you put a "supercharged"... Details are Hush hush so far.


09-19-05, 12:49 PM
I'd love to see the finished product, the stock cover is not too attractive.

09-19-05, 01:34 PM
frank i thought the same thing... But what so great about them is this. They have about an 1 inch lip all the away around, the vette covers onnes like it do not, and you can still see the wirey mess under them.. in the vette you cant because of the motor being in a slanted angle and lower than ours, thats why they, meaning the vette covers, look so good on them..
But those GTo covers made for LS1 is exactly the size that covers all edges..

What i did was this. I bought a pair of maggified vette covers from stealth... then i heat gunned them to the bottom of my GTO covers, they fitted perfectly, after i let them dry, they mounted as if it was made for it. it is hard to find covers that fit reallly well with a SC on our motor.. the air conditioner tubes dont help either.. i almost rerouted those tubes if i could not have found a solution..
but trustme, they look so much better on the car and finished... i have them off atm due to getting this or trying to get this car tuned.. it is almost untunable due to slinging belts..
i am leaving after i write this to go pick up cog pulleys....
Todd... My God, be glad it wasnt you that had to deal with this....
I will bringing it to your shop within 10 days after all this is over.. i want to do a second tune to see what we can squeeze out on the dyno... i wanted to go there in there first place dammit, but somebody knows somebody pulling strings in this one.

later blitzer

09-19-05, 01:39 PM
I Like Them They Look Good And They Dont Say Corvette Lol