: FlashScan Reports all LTFTs = 0.0?

09-18-05, 11:03 PM
To All,

I recently purchased EFILive and have started to "tweak" the tune on the V (2005 w/8000 miles). I noticed today that the LTFTs are all 0.0. Is this normal or is my PCM not saving the LTFT values between engine runs. I have logged some data including the LTFT values and they do vary around in the logs, but when I read them using FlashScan, they are all 0.0. Living at 6000 feet above sea level, I would have expected the trims to be something other than 0.0 for all cells. Any ideas?



09-18-05, 11:22 PM
Rck told me once that when you read the program from the PC it clears the LTFTs...

Could be the case that is clears them before you can view them.. You need to either embed the LTFTs in the program when you read it or save them separatly from the scan tool...

And this, ladies and gentleman, represents the ENTIRE body of knowledge I have on EFIlive. I know nothing more on this software...


09-19-05, 08:07 AM
edit - properties - logging - check LTFT box.
they'll be imbedded in your logged data .efi files.
of course, they will be 0 if you just flashed a new tune.

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