: CTS-V ads

09-18-05, 04:34 PM
We've discussed this topic about maybe false advertising. Now they are correcting or changing est times. I do alot of commuting 3hours a day. I read alot of magazines during the train ride so I see alot of our ads, whether it be in car mags, but more in fashion mags. I've seen two with in two months, one in I believe motor trend advertising the 4.9 0-60. Then this month got me it was in esquire. This is what the caption said: Is it ok to say "balls" in an ad? A 6.0L V8. 400hp. 395 lb-ft of torque. Zero to 60 is just 4.6 seconds and a quarter mile in 13.1* Who quibbles over words?

*With optional performance tires.

If this isn't aimed to prove its a fast performance car, I don't know anything. It almost seems as if they are targeting people who wouldn't know any better. Performance tires, sheesh.

09-18-05, 08:50 PM
I remeber a buick ad that said how wonderfully the car did the slalom and beat out a beemer.....until you read the bottom.....buick has performance 15" tires and the bmw had stock 14"'(i think.......) send buick an email about that....recalling how well my 66 'stang would do with 10" wide slicks compared to an indy car with wooden wheels......they said they were working on a more "even" test........right.