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09-18-05, 08:45 AM
I have had this problem for a while. Mabye someone else has experianced this and can help me out... when I drive really slowly in reverse (about 1% throttle) it has a very uneven acceleration and causes the car to 'hop' slightly as if it was on an uneven road :hmm: any ideas?

09-18-05, 08:55 AM
Maybe isc motor? Are your rpms consistent or jumping?

09-18-05, 01:26 PM
well my idle speed was funny before..and I thought that was causing it also..because thats exaclty what it feels like..but after I changed plugs and wires, the car has never run better... the RPM i steady like a rock....this problem is only in reverse, and only while moving about 1 or 2 mph ....driving me nuts..

09-18-05, 03:42 PM
Sounds like motor mounts or torque brace to me. Maybe the motor flopping around is working the throttle.

09-20-05, 11:43 AM
You haven't noticed any other weird symptoms, such as crushed garbage cans, bicycles, or people in the area where you are reversing, have you?

In all seriousness, does it seem like it could be a misfire at low RPMs? Cleaned the throttle body lately?

09-20-05, 11:49 AM
This sounds very much like a bad TPS. They like to get worn down in the "idle" area, since that is where the most time is spent. The test would be to see if it does it when in drive as well. Use about the same amount of throttle.

09-25-05, 02:57 AM
In all seriousness, does it seem like it could be a misfire at low RPMs? Cleaned the throttle body lately?

Yes it does..and thats what i really think it is. It somehow feels like its slower, but I havent had a chance to take it to the track again. I do suspect the slow feeling is all in my head.... :hmm:

Anyway the point of the story is, i took it in to the stealer to get a diagnostic done... and they chargeg me 80bux to tell me there is no missfire, and that im crazy....:annoyed:

But before we go accusing the dealer of being 2 shady, he has been very good to me before... detecting missfires before any codes, and other such things....(as mentioned before, it does have new plugs and wires, ..also I swapped the coils from my parents sts :lildevil: ..) ..still no change.

It ONLY does this in reverse.
SOLID idle.

Does smell strong of gas when it idles......but i fear thats an unrelated problem that i cant fix either.....:mad: