: ??Smoking 96DeVille??

09-18-05, 03:20 AM
Gonna try this one over here.

Recently took my "new" DeVille up Cadillac Mnt. down Acadia NPark. On the drive down I kept 'er in 2nd gear to save the brakes. Upon reaching the flats at the bottom I went back into Drive and noticed billowing clouds of exhaust obscuring the roadway behind. I quckly pulled over and checked things out. Mild smoke at idle - no other signs of anything being wrong. Took of along the loop road and things cleared up.

Question is - what might this be a sign off. My feeling is worn valve guides loaded up the cylinders w/ oil. Any one else venture a guess.

Looking thru the forum on oil consumption I've not found mention of valve guides as being a culprit in the "mystery". I hear of the cylinder honing and rings being an issue. Could these give the results on the down-hill I experienced????

09-18-05, 05:48 AM
hmm, when i had white smoke coming from the exhaust and i knew it wasnt a head gasket because it didnt have any other simptoms...something was weird with my air/fuel mixture causing it to burn more fuel i believe. so, i tryed putting some lucas injector/valve cleaner stuff from auto zone (the stuff that you put in the gas tank) and it worked. its been about a month now and i havent seen the white smoke sense. :)