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09-17-05, 08:09 PM
Armed with an open highway on Wednesday afternoon heading to Vegas (that was amazing---wasn't sure if the 15N would be packed or not...), I was able to open up the V a little.

Wound out 3rd (of course) and also 4th. Hell, it seemed like I could have easily wound out 5th, but I shut it down at around 145-150... (yes, with a maggie, the car was very much STILL PULLING at 145-150...)

I must say, the V is a stunning car. I felt in complete control and the car never seemed to feel like it wasn't perfectly comfortable at high speeds. It was only at 140+ that the wind even remotely started to "act up," which is nothing more then to say that it started whistling gently through the passenger window...

I honestly feel more comfortable in the V at, say, 90-100 than I do in just about any other car at say 60. Hell, if I so desired, it felt like I could take my hand off the frigging steering wheel at 100 and it wouldn't even hint losing control, as just dialed in to running in a straight line. I was like, "Wow..." The car is just that good. Unfortunately, our BOGUS speed limit laws don't factor in the car you are driving, but that is another conversation altogether.

If not for my radar detector going off near constantly (filter on meant nothing), I might have averaged 100 all the way to Vegas. It was one of the most entertaining drives to Vegas I've had in a long time...

The main problem, however, was that I couldn't find another car to have fun with--not a M3, an AMG Benz..nothing!! BAH!! :lildevil:

Had the tires rotated at a Caddy dealer in Vegas. It was humorous that the service advisor informs me that "your V has a blower. Everyone wants here wants to drive it. We don't see those around here too much." :D

With seemingly so many threads on these boards that are "down" on the V lately, I thought it appropriate to post another thread that was more on the positive side... :yup:

09-17-05, 08:23 PM
I drove back from Vegas to San Diego (5 hours), lets not talk about the speeds reached, but lets say the only time you can beat an E55 AMG in a stock V, is when the Benz hits the speed limiter. :devil:

09-17-05, 09:04 PM
Luna, you mean didn't let them drive it and you didn't take them for "rides"?

You have to show that thing off! :thepan:


09-17-05, 09:24 PM
but lets say the only time you can beat an E55 AMG in a stock V, is when the Benz hits the speed limiter. :devil:

Well, I wasn't specifically referring to a E55, but, then again, my V isn't stock, so perhaps I would have a chance... :D

And Heavy--give them a ride? Perhaps, but it seemed they wanted to get out of there ASAP (service closed at 1).

Let them drive it? Well, not unless I had the StealthV "valet" switch... :cool2: