: Something everyone needs to check, asap.

09-17-05, 03:40 AM
well, i was sent to az dyno chip, sorry todd... i tried to tell them to send me to you but they would do it..

But anyway, it was just a 30 minute diag run to see what was going on...
BELTS.. ALL Belts.. i had my main serpentine belt slipping at 5200rpm, and barely noticeable... i mean no sqeak or squall like an old ac belt... the whine of the maggie kills the sounds of the belt slightly slipping... we checked everything to see why all the powerloss all of a sudden... this what has held me up... and the publisher..
Anyway, after we did the check, my dyno report, the lines look liked someones heartbeat that just went into arrest... i mean bad real bad.. i lost 100-250 hp because of belt slip at over 4 grand on tach... you cant hear it due to the whine of the maggie mixed with the sounds of engine and B&B exhaust..
it was ahhhh soo slight... but enuff to cause chaos.
The great thing about i feeel so much better now knowing what it is.. i thought it was internal, like valve problem, or rockers, since i was thinking compression loss of power... but it makes sense now... the car running so rich, the backfires, all due to the maggie not spinning at proper rpm's,, pcm flashed to give maggie more fuel, but notta.. it was getting air, alot of fuel, but not proper induction... it got so bad into about 28 minutes of the dyno run,i actually hit 236hp.. you belive that!!! :bonkers: my last or first dyno after maggie install, after stoker and head cnc work, bigger valves... cam change.. i was hitting 636 at crank... geeesh...

i feel so much better knowing now.. so we changed out the tension pulley, it had gone bad due to all the jumping around caused by that last trouble i had when it went into power saver mode, sounded like it was running on 4 cyl. like a motorcycle. lol but when that happene it causes that tension pulley to wreak havoc and jump like a madman.. all over the place.. it shook so hard, that i could wiggle it by hand with belt still on it.. also you kknow those lines/grooves that are in place to show proper line up of that pulley, well mine was all the way over to the right past the 3rd line by 1/4 inch... yes that far..

With the hood closed & the whine of the maggie, plus B&B or Corsa.. no way to hear it... make sure you have someone to rev it up somewhat and listen for it, or take it to a dyno shop & see if there is any power loss after 4k on tach..
hope this helps someone not go thru what i did.. the higher i get in HP the more little problems i start to have.. seems it would be different after putting as much as i have into the v.. But iwill get it right, when i do im taking her to GM and take someone for a ride... show them this is what the 2008 should be & fast off the line, not leaving parts in the rearview mirror..
also i plan on mentioning the problems that a few of our V brothers have had with that Getrag in the magazine.. If that doesnt get attention, and a better fix, esp when it is read by millions, then nothing will.

later blitzer

09-17-05, 03:58 AM
Thanks Blitzer!

Hey how is that zit that was bothering you?

I seem to have picked up a rash.

09-17-05, 04:06 AM
lmfao heavy.. you crazy ass. ;P

09-17-05, 10:36 AM
Thanks BLitzer, I'll have to get a dyno run done soon. Then I'll post it up for you to review. You can let me know if there's slippage. I'll also see if I can get the shop owner to do a little video so that you guys can here the Bassani Exhaust.

Another V owner in my town, liked the sound. He has B&B and comparing both, I really think Bassani takes it home. Either way, this thread is not about comparing exhausts.:thepan:

I can't believe you were running, or you are now running 636whp!:eek: Maybe the slippage is due to your HP. Either way, even us with 400-450whp should check as well. One day BLitzer, I want to be like you. :D :D :D

09-17-05, 10:44 AM
Blitzer....drive to san antonio man.
we can dyno together and have some brews

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09-17-05, 11:58 PM
urb i would bro,but i have to get this fixed.. what caused it is this. my pulley tensioner went out, the cadddy dealer not knowing the tension pulley is different then stock, more pounds of pressure on the belt.. they installed the stock one, problem is it is the weekend and i have 3 companies & dealers scrambling to find a used one or one in a maggie box to get my by so i can tune, i cann not tune the car if i do not have this piece.. so right now im ****ed.. hopefully tomorrow will be a lucky day.

later blitzer

09-18-05, 01:12 AM
I was slipping mine untill I blistered the back of the belt.Now just a slight amount of belt dressing to keep it sticky.

09-18-05, 01:46 AM
I'm glad I read this thread yesterday. I got together with some buddies tonight. One has a B5 Audi 1.8 Turbo with an APR Stage III. Supposedly he's running 300whp. The other was a VW GOLF R32 with a Stage 2 VF-Engineering Vortec supercharger. The R32 is AWD with 280whp. I'm obviously maggified and possibly in the 400-450whp.

We were on the freeway and let them go from about 3rd gear. They had no chance with me. Even after an incredible mis-shift for me to 4th, I took them like nothing. I didn't get to see how the audi did against the R32.

Either way, now that I'm done with my kills, we park at an In-N-Out to get some food and let the cars cool down. I had this instinct to open the hood and help the engine cool off. As I open the hood, I decided to look at the belt after reading this thread. Low and behold, the belt was off by 3 teeth or grooves on the belt tensioner pulley and the one from the supercharger pulley.:eek: Luckily a buddy had some tools. We loosened the belt tensioner pulley, slid the belt back in place and re-tightened. I drove it home fine but, I'm going to have another look at that tensioner in the morning.

Thanks for the heads up BlitZer....:thumbsup:

09-18-05, 01:58 AM
How could you miss 3rd to 4th? :confused:

You taking shifting lessons from Reed?:histeric:

09-18-05, 09:18 AM
Velrose,when you inspect your belt pay close attention to where it is joined together.I replaced one that was so stiff where it was joined together it was making my tensioner bounce,therefore making it jump teeth at high rpm.

09-18-05, 11:21 AM
How could you miss 3rd to 4th? :confused:

You taking shifting lessons from Reed?:histeric:

Believe me, I did a double take on myself too.:o Even with a two car length lead on me with my misshift, I still took him with super ease. ;)

rp64ctsv, I'll definitely take a look at the belt at the joint. If it feels stiff, I'll get another one ordered, thanks. ;)

09-18-05, 01:38 PM
The maggie is the way to go huh?:thumbsup:

Just had someone in one of the new Chevy trucks give me a little run.

I gave away the hole shot, and then just blew by.:eek:

What fun!:histeric: