: Auto Show in Motion

09-16-05, 06:12 PM
Went to the Auto Show in Motion today. It's a "moving car show" where they have autocross type tracks set up and let you drive any of a TON of cars. SUVs, pickups, luxury cars, not so luxury cars . . . they had a few GTOs, and SSRs and a lot of cars from the competition, but the highlights were the hummer course and the performance course. You got to drive a hummer over a 30% grade hill and down the other side pretty exciting) and they had automatic and manual vettes and Vs in teh performance course. An employee drove with you in both of those, the others were "just go drive around the track" setups. It was fun. Check it out if you have the chance. The test drives aren't set up to let you really drive, but you can tell if you are interested enough to pursue a car.

So, the question . . . how similar is the Corsa exhaust note to the Chevy SSR stock exhaust note, does anybody know? How about BB? The truck sounded amazing. Now I have to get a new exhaust . . .

09-17-05, 12:33 AM
The one in LA had CTS-V's, so I drove a N/A Silver one to see if they are truly the faster color. When I got in the car the G-meter was .9 and I said Oh I see somebody took the corners pretty good. My chaperone says you won't see 1.0...soooo :lildevil: I got a 1.1...:highfive:. When I get out he asks what I drive so I told him a black maggie with 1.22 on the clock..:thumbsup: I'm suprised I didn't get kicked out. They don't like you howling the tires. Bottom line, once you go maggie, you never go back...

If I would have married up I would buy a C6 Z06...Had a really cool chaperone for the C6, he kept saying, get on it..