: 04 V vs 05 V Raleigh/Cary, NC

09-16-05, 09:59 AM
On the way home from work yesterday, I ran across a platinum 04 V that scooted a couple cars in front of me in traffic by the airport. I made it around the car between us and caught a light directly behind him where we were both turning left. We got some open air and got to give it a go a couple times.

I put a couple cars between us in each gear, gettin sideways on the 1/2 and 2/3 shift (really sideways on the 2/3-guy probably thought I was a nut..hehe) , and shutting down at the top of third when I saw him flash his lights. To be fair we were never side by side and he was behind me on the next couple rolls in open air. Car seemed stock while my 05 has a B&B xpipe catback and lingenfelter CAI (soon to have Kook's headers and a stealth tune)

The guy was great and we exchanged waves as he pulled off. Not sure if you're on this board, but thanks for the fun and hope to run across you again. I've seen no less than 15 different V's near my office - so any local V's please chime in and say hi - would love to take us all to the Rock or FMS for some legalized fun :)