: Who has the Heritage of Ownership Package?

03-01-03, 10:12 PM
Just wondering how many board members have this package for having owned a few Cads?

03-03-03, 08:03 AM
In order to get the heritage package, you need to have purchased the car's new, right?

I'm on my second Cadillac. My first was a '67 Coupe Deville. I now own a '96 Fleetwood.

I can see getting a CTS-V oneday. I'd also like an early to mid '60's conv.

I've seen the badges on Ebay and have been thinking about buying one for my car.

03-04-03, 03:51 PM
What does the package consist of? I bought the medallion off eBay. The grille just didn't look right w/o it. I found one with a "I", since this is my first Cadillac.


So, all I have is the medallion. I don't have any other materials...didn't know any others existed. :)

03-13-04, 04:03 PM
The Medallion changed this year and I am not sure what the new one looks like. Is there a picture posted anywhere?

03-14-04, 06:20 PM
My 99' had one on it when I bought it. I'm not sure what the number was. The dealer put one a new "I" on for me since it was my first Caddy. My nephew had a 86 cdv with a "XIV" on his. He sold it before I could snag the medallion!

05-14-04, 11:15 PM
After you purchase a new Cadillac, you recieve a business reply card, you remove the address sticker on 1/2 of it, put it on the post card and state how many Cadillacs you have owned, new or used, mail it back within 10 days and you recieve a corresponding medallion. There are no other "package" parts. I have only had gold, but I have seen pewterish black, I don't know how the color is determined.

05-15-04, 03:37 PM
Thread about the new emblems:


05-19-04, 02:19 AM
I have the new style one on my 03 with lucky #7
on it !.........................geo

05-20-04, 03:34 PM
I'm a member, but suffice to say that emblem and a couple of bucks will buy a cup of coffee. :disappoin I was sent a mailer to fill out how many caddys I have owned and was sent the medallion with the number of owned cad's on it. I agree it has been a few years since I bought my last one I believe that is the only thing I received.

It sure do look purty on the grill though.