: Piggyback computer is installed

09-15-05, 09:12 PM
The piggy back computer is installed and so far no codes or "sevice engine" light.
All functions are working. We still have to button up all the wiring and relocate the PCM. The stock PCM fits like a glove between the strut tower and right next to the master cylinder against the firewall. This frees up a huge space in the left front corner for the turbo. We now have to do some datalogging to be able to send stock info to the computer and then make some changes to the MAF to see how well it will work. So far so good.

The module is ready for the traction control which is good timing since we have everything apart under the dash to mount the piggyback computer. We will install the module on Saturday.

I'll ducument the progress with pics and post them either here or on my web site.

Phase 1 of the turbo project is underway!

09-16-05, 08:48 AM
You're turboing a northstar in its original car? You better post pics or I will hunt you down :)

I may be headed down the same road, if I keep the ETC it's getting sprayed or turboed.